Adding a monthly payment in Bills

ChipfoChipfo Member Posts: 10

I realize there is no automatic recurring payments, but when adding a monthly payment on a bill like auto insurance can I simply click "Add Payment" on the existing bill or do I need to create a new bill each month? Same thing with 1099 contractors, can I just click Pay Contractor or do I need to create a new bill each week?

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  • Ryan_WRyan_W Administrator Posts: 462 admin

    @Chipfo if each one of these bill payments represent distinctly separate payments that you're making each month, then your intuition is correct: you'll need to create a new bill to correspond with each monthly payment. For what it's worth, we're working towards adding a Copy Bill feature, which will make this process much simpler and slicker.

  • ChipfoChipfo Member Posts: 10

    Thank you

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