Seperate Personal and Business Transaction pages?

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Hi, I am brand new and want to have separate pages to log my transaction categories from the personal page and business page. Can we do that?

Also, I don't understand why the account balance report page doesn't allow you to pick out multiple categories to review and print. It seems to only retrieve all expenses or just one.


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    Hey @Acoffman, it is possible, though it does require a bit of a workaround. The first and most direct option would be if you are using separate business and personal accounts; if that is the case you could connect your bank, but ensure that personal imports into your personal profile, and business into business.

    Barring that, it is possible to manually upload bank statements to each profile, but this would require creating a second bank statement and removing all irrelevant transactions, so none of the wrong transactions ended up in the wrong profile.

    To make this a little easier, we recently rolled out an integration with Google Sheets. You could upload your one bank statement there, and then easily edit it so that you have separate sheets for personal and business. Once done, you could directly upload into Wave. You can find out more here:

  • AcoffmanAcoffman Member Posts: 2

    Thank you so much for caring to help.
    I will look into your suggestions.

    What I did temporarily and it may work is I used "Cost of Goods " in the chart of accounts to log all my personal expenses and business expenses under Operating Expenses.
    I don't need to track any other business/income /payroll. I just need to track write off for 1099 and curious where all my personal money goes. Seems I can use any CC and categorize the personal and business and it goes to the proper account separating them from personal and business. I'm not sure why they just would have a personal expense account for the self-employed. Also we ALL want to know where we spend our profits.

    Thank you

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