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imageUnderstanding your new reports page

We've rebuilt the reports experience with a focus on deeper business insights. You'll find the new reports to be clearly organized, more comprehensive, and easy to understand.
You’ll find that your...

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  • myderrickmyderrick Member Posts: 3

    I only see from 2017. I have transactions from 2015 - How can I get those to report as well?

  • SamdSamd Administrator Posts: 560 admin

    Hey @myderrick, it sounds like your reports are defaulting to a more recent view of transactions. You can edit the dates of the reports usually near the top. Try selecting Jan 1st 2015 as the start date for a report, and then click update. This should pull all your historical transactions!

  • myderrickmyderrick Member Posts: 3
    Oh yea. I should have selected the actual date instead of using the years drop.down
    Thanks a bunch.
  • wakewake Member Posts: 2

    Lookin' good. However, in Account Transaction or General Ledger, can you add the functionality of selecting ALL Asset accounts or ALL Liability/Expense accounts?
    Thought this might've been there before the update, but is now missing. Could be wrong, but it sure would be nice to have.
    Overall, good stuff. Thanks. Looking forward to continued improvements.

  • Ryan_WRyan_W Administrator Posts: 462 admin

    @wake glad to hear you're digging (mostly) how the reports are looking right now! This wasn't an option pre-update either (I just double checked in my test account), although I appreciate you taking the time to share your feedback!

  • KeithWKeithW Member Posts: 1

    Quick question re the Account Transactions (General Ledger) Report: Are there any plans to optionally allow the "notes/memo" field to be included as a column? At least with the .csv export? I use the notes a lot to explain transactions and it's really helpful for future reference as the GL is archived. Thanks!

  • ZoeCZoeC Administrator Posts: 389 admin

    Hey @KeithW, thanks for reaching out and thank you for the suggestion! This feature is not currently available and I don't believe it is on our roadmap, but I can definitely pass your idea along to our product team for future considerations! :smile:

  • sidibemsidibem Member Posts: 2

    I don't see the new report section :(

  • ZoeCZoeC Administrator Posts: 389 admin

    Hey @sidibem, you might not be seeing the new reports page if your account is still working off of our older accounting software. We recently updated this and some accounts are still being migrated over. Our Product Team is busily working to get all accounts migrated over ASAP, but I do not have an ETA. As soon as your account is migrated, you will have access to our updated reports page. Thanks for your patience :smile:

  • am1980am1980 Member Posts: 2

    Hi, I've got the "VAT sales tax" report, yet the total value for box 7 "Total value of purchases and all other inputs excluding any VAT" is incorrect. This is also the case for the other reports with regards to "purchases and all other inputs". It's totally incorrect for any period. Any ideas please, I have been trying to resolve this all day and my return is overdue

  • AlexLAlexL Administrator Posts: 1,533 admin

    Hi @am1980 . There are many exclusions to Box 7 although the name may make you think otherwise. If you check out the Gov.uk website with the article titled How to fill in and submit your VAT Return, you can see a breakdown of exactly which values Box 7 should include as well as what it should exclude.

  • 4Total_Victory4Total_Victory Member Posts: 1
    Lots of good updates. Thank you!
  • jvgjvg Member Posts: 1
    I would like to see an explanation of the Income by Customer report, specifically the diff between All Income and Paid Income. I think I understand but would like to be sure.

    Also, on that report, it would be awesome to be able to filter by product and/or income account.

    Also, generally for reports, it would be great to be able to generate a matrix view with the numbers broken out by month or quarter
  • JamieDJamieD Administrator Posts: 1,117 admin

    Hey @jvg ! Essentially, the income by customer report is broken down in two parts (as you mentioned). 1) For funds that you've actually been paid (aka income transactions/invoice payments you've marked as paid associated with the customer) and 2) For invoice transactions that have been sent out/associated with that customer but haven't been paid yet (receivables).

    In terms of your general reports question -- most of them do have editable date ranges but my assumption is you're referring to a 'massive report of all reports' including the information required + editable date ranges... which would be pretty awesome, but not something on a future roadmap right now.

  • KarmaDiving_13KarmaDiving_13 Member Posts: 3
    Credit and debit are reversed on reports.
    I register payment as income but i see them as outcome....
  • JamieDJamieD Administrator Posts: 1,117 admin

    Hey @KarmaDiving_13 ! I feel as though this help centre article should give you more insight as to what could be going on here -- https://support.waveapps.com/hc/en-us/articles/208622086-Everything-looks-backwards-A-debits-credits-overview .. feel free to ask any further questions if this doesn't help resolve the issue you are currently looking at.

  • JanieldkJanieldk Member Posts: 1

    Hi @JamieD, how can I generate a Trial Balance from 01 March to 28 February?

  • JamieDJamieD Administrator Posts: 1,117 admin

    Hey @Janieldk -- in terms of the Trial Balance report, there isn't a way to have a date range specifically.. it will give you the option to select the year you are wanting to look at in terms of reporting, then select that date for 'As of.' In this case, mid year reporting doesn't really work for the Trial Balance report, you can find this, however in the Profits & Loss statement or Account Transactions page, if you are looking for adjustable date ranges.

  • cmcccmcc Member Posts: 1

    Hi @JaimeD - just wanted to check is there a way to export the VAT report that shows the Net, VAT and Gross for each transactions, and not just the VAT amount? Thanks in advance

  • SanetSanet Member Posts: 4

    Hi, I want to download the age receivables report. The existing report layout shows the company and then only says 4 invoices from this company are outstanding and it gives you the total amount outstadning. I want to be able to see all the individual invoices an their amounts listed in the report. Is there a way to do it?
    Thanks Sanet

  • JordanDJordanD Administrator, Moderator Posts: 344 admin

    Hey @Sanet and welcome to the Wave Community Forum :)

    If you are looking for a list of all of the overdue invoices that a customer or company has, I would recommend checking out the customer statement feature (found in the Sales section). This is typically the best way to let the customer know exactly which invoices are overdue. Give this a try and let us know if you still aren't seeing all the information that you are needing.

  • SanetSanet Member Posts: 4

    Hi @JordanFromWave

    Thank you for your feedback. I know about the statement feature. That is not what I am looking for. I want to create a list of all the outstanding invoices (all the invoices for all the clients) on one single report. The age receivables does that but it doesn't list all the outstanding invoices per client, it gives a total outstanding amount per client. Again this is not what I want. Can I change the report to suit my needs?

  • Siobhan_HitchmoughSiobhan_Hitchmough Administrator Posts: 14 admin

    Hi @Sanet, thanks for the additional detail. There's a lot of flexibility in our reporting designed to help you get the information you need. That said, there is a limit to what can be customized, and this case the report isn't to break into the level of detail you're looking for. I have a couple thoughts I wanted to run past you to see if they'd help.

    It's possible to export data from Wave using something called Wave Connect. We've got an article on how to work with Wave Connect in our Help Center I'd encourage you to have a look at, but essentially it'll let you download the high level of your invoices like so:

    In this case I've also filtered to show only one customer (me) and chosen to include Customer Name, Invoice Number, Status etc. This is likely your best bet here.

    I have one other suggestion depending on the purpose of grabbing the data. If you're looking to send out reminders, you might consider the Sales > Invoices view as it lets you filter for status (in this case "overdue") and for a specific client. You could use that list to determine which invoices need to be followed up on. It'll also let you send reminders right from the invoice list. While it's not designed as a report, I was able to print from this page and it gets me something like the image below:

    Hope that helps, thanks again for sharing that insight into your process and I'd love to know more about how this may fit into your workflow :smile:

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  • SanetSanet Member Posts: 4

    Hi @Siobhan_Hitchmough

    Thank you for the advice however it does not solve my problem. I've attached a pdf of a report I created with your standard Aged Receivable report and I then added the invoices per customer that are not paid yet from their statements in manually. BUT I can't do that all the time as it is very time consuming. Is it possible that you can change the Aged Receivable report to include the invoices per customer as in my pdf attachment, please?

    Looking forward to hearing from you.
    Kind regards

  • JordanDJordanD Administrator, Moderator Posts: 344 admin

    @Sanet Through your conversation with @Siobhan_Hitchmough, I understand that you are looking for a specific type of report that is not yet available through the reporting in Wave. I definitely see the value in the type of reporting that you are looking for, and while we don't yet offer it, I'd be happy to pass this feedback along to our Product Development Team for future consideration. Before I can do that, I'd love to gauge if this type of reporting would be valuable to other Wavers. If you would like an aged receivable report with direct links to the invoices in it, please upvote this comment and I'll check in periodically to see if there is interest :)

  • SanetSanet Member Posts: 4

    Thank you @JordanFromWave . I hope there will be enough interest as I really need this change.

  • TheshasTheshas Member Posts: 0
    Hi team

    How can I print account statement from.wave?
  • ChelseaKChelseaK Administrator Posts: 264 admin

    @Theshas Ah, statements! A necessary ingredient for some good accounting. o:)

    I've merged your post with the Help Centre article discussion on your Reports page. From the left-hand navigation menu, you can select Reports. From here, you will see a list of all the Report types you can generate in Wave, along with their descriptions. Once you select a Report, you can click the Export option at the top right of the screen and choose which file format works best for your- CSV or PDF. From there, you can easily print the Report. :)

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  • gnichgnich Member Posts: 1

    Is there a way to run the Account Transactions (General Ledger) report showing the Notes for each transaction? Perhaps in the CSV export? Notes help explain many transactions.

  • BarsinABarsinA Administrator Posts: 694 admin

    Hi @gnich

    This is not a feature available in Wave unfortunately. I do think that it's a truly great idea and I personally hope to see this in the future. Thanks for reaching out.

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