Hide/Remove "Grand Total" from an Estimate

jgarsenajgarsena Member Posts: 3

Is it possible to remove/hide the "Grand Total" at the bottom of an Estimate? My estimate includes options e.g. Full Day, Half Day, etc., that a potential client has to choose. So a cumulative display of all service costs is both inaccurate and could cause an initial shock or confusion for the prospect. Any ideas or workarounds?


  • JamieDJamieD Administrator Posts: 1,145 admin

    Hey @jgarsena. As of right now, there isn't a way to send out estimates that have different options for price points to your clients, they will act as a regular invoice with all line items included in the total. With that being said, you can send out multiple estimates to your clients with the different price points they might want to select in Wave. More customization to the Estimates section in Wave is something that we could potentially be adding in the future, but no immediate plans as of right now.

  • ByDesignByDesign Member Posts: 5

    yes I need this feature as well. I include many price options on estimates and grand total isn't appropriate.

  • KimGrotyKimGroty Member Posts: 3

    I would also love this feature. We give out several options to choose from and I always have to give them a heads up in the email not to look at the total invoice amount.

  • JessGJessG Administrator Posts: 54 admin

    @KimGroty & @ByDesign Thank you so much for bringing this forth. Our developers are always parsing through the feature request section in your community so we'd love to hear details as to how this would improve your workflow!

    Perhaps as a workaround while this is being considered, would be to send out different estimates with different options listed in each and convert the agreed upon estimate to an invoice.

  • Meredith_MMeredith_M Member Posts: 4

    This would be game changing for my business. Right now I really can't use the estimates function and would love to streamline my process. Sending multiple attachments looks a bit clunky and I worry that telling someone to "disregard the total" looks unprofessional, so if this could be a big help.

  • CalliePCallieP Administrator Posts: 216 admin

    Hey @Meredith_M ! Thanks for sharing this feedback with us here. This isn't something we're working on building out, but we always appreciate hearing feature ideas from our users. Thanks as well for providing such specific feedback about how this feature impacts your work flow!

  • JakeJakeJakeJake Member Posts: 1

    Please add this feature. Allowing user to remove or hide the subtotal line will be a game change for my business too.

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