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In the past I could go to Reports and export simple lists to XLS, e.g. list of all invoices between a selected date bracket. I need this list for my accounting to easily crosscheck data. The only thing I can do is literally take screenshots of the invoice list - this can't be true?


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    hey @Lidia do you recall the report you used to use in the previous system for your workflow? In the new system I'd definitely check out the Profit & Loss report, Income by Customer, or Account Transactions report for a more detailed view. Each of these reports has an option to export to CSV at the top of the page.
    In addition, take a look at the full Export feature to see if that'll meet your needs.

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    It was found in the Reports section and was called Sales Transactions. You could just select a date bracket and then it would give a simple table with all invoices, the customer name & the debit/credit amounts.

    If I go to the P&L report, I cannot see this data. If I go to Account Transactions I cannot select all invoices, because it will ask me to select one specific account (I would either want to select multiple accounts, e.g. everything under the category Income). If I choose All Accounts it becomes a huge list and got lots of data I don't need and I need to spend a lot of time cleaning up the table).

    What I did now is go to Export and simply exported all my Wave account data, and from that ZIP I took the Invoice-Items.csv file, which was what I was searching for. It wouldn't been easier to have the Export function nested with the Reports function instead of Settings (as this doesn't relate to Settings in my opinion).

    Thanks for referring me to the Export function though, as I did find what I was looking for.

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