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After the recent changes, I am not able to see that sales tax audit report anymore. It would be much appreciated if these type of changes are properly communicated to avoid unpleasant surprises. Did anybody find this report or has knowledge about how this report can be accessed again?



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    Hi Robert,

    Apologies for the inconvenience that this causes. We will be adding a sales tax filter to the account transactions report in the coming months which should allow you to get the information you depended on in the sales tax audit report.



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    I too am needing the sales tax audit report and my sales tax return is due end of February. I am trying to reconcile the new info to the previous version as I had n input tax and output tax but they seem to have merged. Please reinstate the sales tax audit ASAP or our accountant may insist we change accounting systems.

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    Hey @SusanfromNZ, this report was removed but the new base model of the sales tax report includes the information previously shown in the audit version. Also, some of this information can be supplemented by heading over to the General Ledger report and narrowing down to the relevant accounts and/or taxes to pull up additional transaction details. I hope this helps!

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    I too need help on the reporting . Account has just been upgraded to the new style.
    In the Sales Tax Ledger since the upgrade Discounts that usually go to Sales as a credit seem to go to purchases , The report has always matched the P&L but now doesn't match. When I check back over the past financial year all the GST reports dont match. Producing a GST return this time took hours to produce and financial year end approaching and nothing matches

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    Hi @Northern_2018, thanks for joining the conversation :smile:!

    I'd love to know more about the specifics here so be sure we're on the same page. For instance: which reports are you using when you review your GST for the year? What sort of discrepancies are you seeing within them?

    Our Sales Tax Report should let you see the sales tax breakdown for sales and purchases related to your sales taxes (via Reports > Sales Tax Reports) and look something like this:
    Sales Tax Report
    The idea here is that you can see the total amount on which the tax was charged, AND the tax calculated on both sides of the process more clearly using this page. As a note, it's also possible to switch the report type between Accrual and Cash & Cash Equivalents within this report to give you more control.

    There's some more detail available in the help center here: but the information I expect will be most relevant to you (based on your note above) is that sales tax doesn't appear on the Profit & Loss Statement as a line item. The Profit & Loss Statement, Payroll Wage & Tax Report, and Aged Receivables Report will not reflect your sales tax as line items, so depending on which reports you're comparing this may account for why you're seeing a difference between them.

    I hope that helps shed a little light on the reporting here and please do reach out if you're still unsure about what you're seeing. Thanks!

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