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I am running the Sales Tax Report, to complete my (Canadian) 2018 HST filing. This report shows my HST account, with expected numbers under "Sales
Subject to Tax" and "Tax Amount on Sales". However, the "Purchases Subject to Tax" and "Tax Amount on Purchases" are nil.

If I click on the "HST" link in this report, the resulting transaction list shows only sales invoices, no vendor bills.

In reviewing my vendor bills, I can verify that I have applied HST to line items, and HST is added to bill subtotals:

I assume that since these tax values aren't appearing the Sale Tax Report, this means that they are not being debited to my HST Payable account.

Is there additional configuration for HST payable that I have possibly missed?

Thanks in advance!



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    Aaah! My HST account was not set to be recoverable:


    As this article notes, this option can not be edited.

    I will create a new HST account, configured properly, and use a JE to transfer the HST on sales over to the new account. Then calculate the HST portion of each of my expense accounts, and transfer those over as well.

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