Donation Reporting for Non Profits

justinwhitjustinwhit Member Posts: 4

So I use wave for my business and love it, but wanted to also use it for my non-profit. I was wondering if anyone knew how to show report of donations by name, so I have entered in customers and my donation people, but didnt know if someone else had figured out a work around.



  • Katie_SilkinaKatie_Silkina Guest, Unconfirmed, Applicant, Member, Administrator, Moderator, Employers Posts: 73 admin

    @justinwhit thanks for your question. The answer depends on your business workflow, primary what you as a business need to see on your reports. Are you able to provide some extra insight into an example of a single customer/donation and how you're currently managing that?

  • justinwhitjustinwhit Member Posts: 4

    basically need to see income from donations, and then expenses from the donations
    I kinda did a workaround and made the customers and then sent them invoices that were already paid for donations.

    I wanting to accept donation from customers without invoices, just a reciept for donation, and then be able to print a report monthly or quarterly so they can see thier donations.

  • JamieDJamieD Administrator Posts: 993 admin

    Hey @justinwhit. Instead of actually invoicing your customers here for the donations, what you could do is simply add an income transaction in Wave, and categorize this as 'donations.' From there, you can also add a customer to the specific income transaction that you've created for the donations, that way, you can view the Income by Customer report or the Account Transactions report and find the information you are looking for.

  • justinwhitjustinwhit Member Posts: 4

    ahhh awesome thank you, that makes sense

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