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  • ncruz1980ncruz1980 Member Posts: 1

    I love to have this feature too! I scan my mail and like to keep Bills attached to the actual bill entry!

  • ViralProViralPro Member Posts: 1

    Hi @JamieD , @Zoe_caff and rest of the Wave team,

    You asked for use case scenarios and gotten a few really good ones. I just would like to add for ANY business in 2019 that does online sales/purchases, especially the growing gig economy connecting the original electronic invoice/receipt is vital.

    A further feature suggestion I'd like to add is the ability to upload an invoice directly from URL, in addition to be able to add as an attachment.

    Thanks for continuing to be on the leading edge!

  • JamieDJamieD Administrator Posts: 795 admin

    Hey all! Thanks again for your detailed feedback and input here -- again all of this information is useful for when our product team is making decisions on rolling out new features within our software. I just wanted to drop in and let you know that your voices are being heard and we are paying attention here .. so if there is anyone else who would like to chime in with more feedback, we would be happy to pass along!

  • ndasindasi Member Posts: 1

    Hi admin, i used Waveapps in managing my business and i find it difficult to track down the original copies of my invoices. It will be great if i will be able to attach invoices when i am creating bills, this will ease me in tracking down this bills most especially during my annual audits.

  • CharlotteCharlotte Member Posts: 695 admin

    We really appreciate the input, @ndasi! Thank you and welcome. :)

  • JM_SEARSMED28JM_SEARSMED28 Member Posts: 3

    Pls make it happen. :)

  • JM_SEARSMED28JM_SEARSMED28 Member Posts: 3

    Please make it happen. BILL Attachment please. :)

  • JarmanJarman Member Posts: 13

    That's a plus one for me! I get sent multiple invoices either by post or email by my suppliers on Net 30 terms. So the ability to OCR scan them, import details and then create a bill from them, would be amazing.. ( Zoho Books does this but at a cost, so kudos to Wave as no one else does OCR scanning, intergrated) Also being able upload multiple documents at a time would great.

    Whilst on the subject of features, it would be great if we could choose a vendor and bulk record payments for outstanding bills ( massive time saver). Unless this is already possible??

    edited April 28, 2019
  • JamieDJamieD Administrator Posts: 795 admin

    @JM_SEARSMED28 @Jarman Appreciate the feedback and the +1's you've given us here for the feature request in the discussion.

    As for the second part of your question @Jarman -- there isn't an obvious way to bulk record payments for outstanding bills, the only real workaround is creating a bulk expense transaction and splitting it into the bills that are outstanding (which simultaneously, selects the vendor associated with each bill).

  • JarmanJarman Member Posts: 13

    @JM_SEARSMED28 Ok thanks yeah actually my payments show up in transactions as they are imported from my connected bank, so that helps. However; it would still be great if there was some one to select multiple bills to assign that expense to. In my case I could have up to 50 bills?

  • rentlrentl Member Posts: 8

    This has felt like a huge oversight from the beginning. I want to be able to Upload a Bill (in the same way I upload a receipt), and it gets stored as an outstanding payable. I could then see at a glance from my dashboard what I need to pay, and should I need to investigate that invoice, can see exactly what the Vendor sent me, rather than just the few details that tediously and manually entering a Bill would show.

  • LLMcMorrisLLMcMorris Member Posts: 1

    I agree this needs to be addressed. I'd be fine with the actual pdf or jpg residing somewhere else but there needs to be a way to link the invoice to the bill. Hope y'all are working on this. Thanks!

  • Zoe_caffZoe_caff Administrator Posts: 289 admin

    Hey @LLMcMorris, @rentl, thanks a lot for your feedback on this! Your in put is not being ignored I assure you!

  • te3rete3re Member Posts: 3

    Another vote for this. Xero has the function which works well for our other entity as I load the bills for payment in Wave, but our Treasurer approves the payment and sets it up with the bank. To not have the paperwork attached when he goes to create the payment means I have to add the additional step of making sure he has a copy of each bill either via email or in an agreed stored location, labelled correctly so he can find it without hassle and double check the details. In Xero, for him to simply click the link, see the original, and confirm the payment details makes it significantly easier for both of us.

  • QuickbooksQuickbooks Member Posts: 2

    Another vote for attachments!!! I considered leaving for quickbooks because it is able to do attachements. I can attach invoices/even paid checks to keep track of information with quickbooks.

  • KatNZKatNZ Member Posts: 1

    Absolutely another vote with this. I've just switched from Xero to Wave and find this to be a bit of a surprising omission. Also, what about being able to attach files to send with sales invoices? Is that something you'll be looking at?

  • SamdSamd Administrator Posts: 560 admin

    @KatNZ I can't say too much about attaching files to invoices other than

    Stay tuned!

  • richardwhateverrichardwhatever Member Posts: 2

    Another vote for this. Our vendor bills are scanned by the receptionist in the office, and we'd like to be able to bulk upload them into an inbox on Wave and then ideally they'd be processed similar to Receipts with OCR etc.... Then we could double check and accept.

  • Z0e_KarunyaZ0e_Karunya Member Posts: 2

    I would love to be able to attach the original bills to my entered bill so I can refer back to it. This would help a lot! In addition, I would like to be able to print out all the bills and see the account allocation clearly so I can check what my administrator has done. Is that possible?

  • XtensionXtension Member Posts: 2

    +1 for this. Incoming invoices (with a payment day in the near future) is just the basic other way of sending out your own invoices, so I need to be able to attach the original invoice to the bill. Feels strange to me that the original document is not the starting point of the 'flow', just the same as a recepient.

    gogo development!

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