Automate merging

UbergeeksovUbergeeksov Member Posts: 10

I have duplicate transactions as a result of scanning receipts and downloading through bank connect.

I merge these, but was wondering whether there were any plans for this to be (semi-)automated? For example, if there are two transactions of the same amount with dates within a few days of each other, Wave querying whether they are the same transaction and should be merged.


  • RezaReza Administrator Posts: 24 admin

    Hi @Ubergeeksov

    This is a great suggestion and something we have been working towards as our general goal of automating as much of the accounting and bookkeeping activities as possible. In some areas (Payments by Wave reconciliation) we already handle duplication so users won't have to worry about it and other places like your receipts example would eventually be automated.

    No firm timeline but I'll make sure to bring the feedback to the team responsible.


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