Independent Contractors for Canadian Payroll Customers

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If you're in Canada and have logged into Payroll recently, you may have noticed that you can now add Independent Contractors to your regular scheduled payroll! This is something users have been asking for, and we're so happy to say that you can now easily manage and pay your independent contractors.

Just like generating T4's for your employees, this will also allow you to generate T4A forms at year end for all contractors paid in 2019.

Paying contractors through Payroll by Wave costs $4 per contractor paid per month, in addition to your payroll base fee.

How does it work?

To add a contractor to your payroll, you can add them as a Vendor to your account, create a bill, and then add the bill to your next Payroll. You'll need to add their business information in order to be able to generate a T4A form at year-end. These will be ready for you at tax time when you pay your contractors through payroll.

Who can take advantage of this?

Businesses in the Canada that have an active Payroll by Wave subscription. We do not currently support payroll within Quebec at this time.

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