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I have been using Wave for very simple purposes of categorizing and recording expenses and income for several years. I have not reconciled and now I want to start from ground zero. Is there a way to NOT have totals carry over from last year? Thanks.


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    hey @geri thanks for your question. Are you able to provide some more insight into your question? The reason behind starting from ground zero with no balances carried over? Will help our team recommend the right workflow in your Wave account.

    A couple of things to consider as you tackle this balance question:

    • Wave accounting does not create automatic closing year adjustment entries. Your account balances flow through the year end.
    • The reconciliation process in Wave asks you to enter an ending balance amount. This amount will appear on your bank statement that corresponds to this account in Wave. Your bank statement balances should flow through your year end without zeroing out.

    Looking forward to hearing back from you.

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