Uploading receipts by email is currently unavailable

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Due to ongoing issues with a third party provider, uploading receipts by emailing them from your primary email address to [email protected] is currently unavailable. In the meantime, you can upload receipts using the Receipts by Wave app for Android or iOS, or directly from Purchases > Receipts using the Upload a receipt button.

If you have emailed receipts to [email protected] between 02/03/2019 and today please try re-uploading receipts using a mobile app or the Receipts tool in the web application.

We'll share any updates here as soon as we have them. Thank you so much for your patience.

Update 02/06/2019 11:20am Eastern

Our provider has resolved this issue and email receipts are working as usual.

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  • bmccloskeybmccloskey Member Posts: 3

    I'm actually okay with this. Although the emailing was convenient. But I wish there was a way to upload several receipts at once.

  • MarkusMarkus Member Posts: 18

    @bmccloskey There is!! Just mark the files in your explorer and drag and drop them onto the Upload a Receipt button.

    I do like the email feature. I get probably 80% of my receipts by email, and it's a quick way to get them into the system.

  • bmccloskeybmccloskey Member Posts: 3

    @Markus I had no idea!! I just tried it and it does work! Wow that's awesome and a game changer!

  • MarkusMarkus Member Posts: 18

    @bmccloskey I discovered it by accident. Funny it's not documented anywhere.

  • bmccloskeybmccloskey Member Posts: 3

    @Markus well hopefully us talking about it doesn't cause them to fix it so it doesnt ;-)

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