Export invoices as csv

AlijcAlijc Member Posts: 9

I cannot find an option to export invoices with invoice numbers and date, customer, product and value to a csv file. Is this possible?


  • kate_ervinkate_ervin Member Posts: 3

    I need to export a CSV file of all our invoices, too, and I can't figure out how.

  • AlijcAlijc Member Posts: 9

    I have found one way to get individual amounts by invoice out. It gives date of invoice, description, and value debit and credit, but not invoice number. If you go into Account Balances report, scroll down to income and then click on Sales, it takes you to an in depth report.

  • PaulCPaulC Administrator Posts: 84 admin

    Hi @Alijc @kate_ervin,

    If you specifically require an export to CSV, go to Settings > Data Export to request an export of your data. This will include invoice data.

    Alternatively, try our new Wave Connect add-on for Google Sheets, which also has the ability to download invoices.

    Hope that help!

  • AlijcAlijc Member Posts: 9
  • kate_ervinkate_ervin Member Posts: 3

    Thank you so much for these solutions!

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