Moving invoice from one business to another

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How can I move/transfer some invoices created in one business to another business created in the same login/account? Is this possible?



  • PaulCPaulC Administrator Posts: 77 admin

    Hi @koileken,
    There's no direct way to do this in Wave, but you can certainly do this using our Wave Connect add-on for Google Sheets.
    It's important that when you try to upload invoices into a new Business, you already have the Customers and Products set up for these to map onto. So, the steps would look something like this:
    1. Download Customers, Products and Invoices from your "FROM" business.
    2. Review which Customers and Products you want to upload, if it's not all of them.
    3. Upload Customers and Products into your "TO" business.
    4. Upload Invoices into your "TO" business.
    Note that Invoices can be uploaded as Draft or Approved. If your invoices have been paid, you'll need to re-apply the payments manually to the uploaded invoices in the new Business.
    Hope that helps!

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