Multiple dates on a single invoice

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I am pretty new to Wave Financial. Just wondering if there is a way to add a "Dates" column in the invoice template. For a small business that provides home care services, I would like to bill my clients once a week but would like to have a " Dates" column to itemise when the services were provided. Eg 5/2/2019, Services xxxxx, 2 hr, $50/hour. 7/2/2019, Services yyyy, 1.5 hr, $60/hours (weekend rates) etc.

Thanks for your input/advice.


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    There isn't a specific date column on invoices, however, you can put the date as the top line of your description for each line item so it's easily seen by your customer. If the entire invoice is within a certain period, you can use the subheading field (below the Invoice title) to say this invoice is for services rendered between "start date" and "end date"

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