Importing from Wild Apricot

NCLCA_TreasurerNCLCA_Treasurer Member Posts: 2

My organization uses Wild Apricot, a non-profit membership database. They have just recently added Wild Apricot Payments as their preferred method of payment to organizations who use Wild Apricot. If we do not switch to this new payment method, we will be charged an Payment Processing Fee that is quite steep.

Wild Apricot does have integrations to Quickbooks, so I believe I could export from Wild Apricot in a .qbo file format. However, I am challenged at figuring out how to set up my export/import to ensure I have done it correctly and not make extra work for me. If I cannot figure this out, I will have to migrate to Quickbooks instead of staying with Wave.

Does anyone have a good way of getting this to happen, and an explanation for a total novice?



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