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LennaLenna Member Posts: 1
Hi guys I'm new to wave, I just did my first invoice and have sent it.. but I'm not sure if it has sent as there is nothing in my yahoo sent box. Also when I look at the invoice is says sent am I suppose to have an email in my yahoo ? HEEELLLPPP PLEASE


  • ErikErik Administrator Posts: 190 admin

    Hey @Lenna, thanks for joining us! You won't receive a copy of the sent invoice unless you specifically choose to do so. The option in the screenshot below appears before you invoice is fully sent!

    Because we send the invoice for you using our own email service, you also won't see the invoice in your Sent Yahoo folder. However, if you don't want us to send the invoice for you, you can definitely still select a third-party email sender to get your invoices sent out.

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