Accounting File Back Up - Where Do I Find This?

T4HT4H Member Posts: 1

I have completed all the necessary accounting activities and reconciled all transactions, balances, and ledger accounts for 2018.
I need to "close the year" and provide my accountant the "year end back up file".

So, ummmm, how does one generate a year Accounting Year end back up file?

Here's what I'm being asked for:

  • A backup of your accounting file (since I'm using Wave, I would expect there's a way to generate an export of everything)
  • Print out of trial balance, balance sheet and income statement (these all appear clearly in the "Reports" section and I am ok here)
  • General ledger (again - appears onthe Reports section and I am ok here).

So, where do I go to generate the back up?

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