Invoice "More Action" button missing some options

fjumanfjuman Member Posts: 1

Hey Everyone,
Before when I created an invoice, when I clicked on the "More Action" button on the top right of the screen I used to have more options from the dropdown, eg I no longer see "Create recurring invoice" nor "Duplicate". Were these options taken away from that dropdown "More Action" menu?


  • pianoteacherpianoteacher Member Posts: 10

    I'm wondering the same thing. Takes three extra steps to make a duplicate invoice now.

  • KashKash Member Posts: 1

    So annoying, surely we can't be the only people that use this function?

  • HaeleneHaelene Member Posts: 3

    I am also using the recurring function. So frustrating not having it.

  • mike23mike23 Member Posts: 2

    Yes, I noticed the "Duplicate" option disappeared, I used it all the time so I'm frustrated and also confused why get rid of it? I contacted customer service and waiting to hear back. If anyone has a workaround in the short-term would be much appreciated.

  • mike23mike23 Member Posts: 2

    Just heard back...
    "That functionality should be reinstated very shortly. You can still duplicate invoices by going to "Invoices" under "Sales". Then find your invoice without opening it. Then click the triangle on the far right (next to your invoice). Third option from the top will be "Duplicate"."

  • Katie_WaveKatie_Wave Administrator, Moderator Posts: 27 admin

    @fjuman @pianoteacher @Kash @Haelene @mike23

    Hi All!

    Just wanted to confirm the update that @mike23 gave a few days ago. A bug in a design change here on our end caused the invoice actions drop-down items to be temporarily hidden from view. Sorry about any inconvenience this caused while it wasn't working.

    All function is now restored, happy invoicing!

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