Accounting for Purchasing Vouchers and Purchasing Items with Vouchers

dannykdannyk Member Posts: 1

I needed to buy a new laptop and have access to a site that allows me to purchase vouchers that give more value than they cost. I paid just over £500 for £550 worth of vouchers. I then used these vouchers to buy the new laptop (with a little bit of money remaining on the voucher that I can use in future). How can I account for this in Wave?

Any help would be appreciated!


  • wagzzwagzz Member Posts: 4

    I would record it as a laptop purchase for 450.
    You have 500, bought an item, and have 50 left over, therefore you spent 450. It doesnt matter what the item is "worth", it matters what you actually paid for it.
    With that remaining 50, lets say you bought a charger for 25. Even though its worth 40, you spent 25, therefore you would have 25 left over.

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