How to Handle Bank Errors

rbtjdrbtjd Member Posts: 8

Hi, I and a bank error that appeared on my bank transaction.
For example, I deposited $100 of checks, but it made an error and made $1000 deposit.
The difference, $900, later came out of my bank account.

How should I categorize this $900?



  • Katie_SilkinaKatie_Silkina Guest, Unconfirmed, Applicant, Member, Administrator, Moderator, Employers Posts: 73 admin

    @rbtjd jumping in here to help as best I can.

    The record of the $900 adjustment by your bank will depend on how you originally categorized the $1000 deposit. So taking a look at the original transaction you should have a Category and an Account associated with it. The account should be the bank account these funds were deposited into; then the category will inform what you should also select on the $900 adjustment.

    Feel free to share some screenshots or further details here, will help with a more specific recommendation!

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