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TheDudeTheDude Member Posts: 2

I used to sort transactions by description all the time on the old version. Seems like a simple/practical feature to bring back. Please revive it. Thanks.

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  • Ryan_WRyan_W Member Posts: 452 ✭✭✭

    Hey @TheDude, if you haven't found it already, this thread might be helpful!

    In the new version of Wave Accounting, we no longer have a sorting option at the top of the page but instead have introduced a Search function. I respect that it's not a sorting tool, but this'll still allow you to bring up transactions based on description!

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  • matteddymatteddy Member Posts: 3

    Search is MUCH more cumbersome than the sort buttons. PLEASE bring them back. This can't be a particularly complicated coding job.

  • ExtinctExtinct Member Posts: 1

    Completely unacceptable in the current version, need immediate correction. Even the filter/search does not work correctly. If you want to search only for uncategorized AMZN transactions for example, it shows you both categorized and uncategorized.

    I will leave Wave if this is not corrected.

  • DStudiosDStudios Member Posts: 1

    Agree with everyone on the "upgraded re-design". I have long been a loyal Wave user for 6+ years and have recommended the platform to SO many small businesses and accountants alike. I've tried for a solid 6-months to get used to the new system and simply put, it sucks. I would much rather pay for Quickbooks than to be frustrated by free software. Really unfortunate.

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