Duplicate Statement Upload

woodlandcreekwoodlandcreek Member Posts: 1

I uploaded statements from CSV file and the all the withdrawals were imported as deposits (income); so I deleted the transactions. I am now unable to upload the statement again in an attempt to have the withdrawals uploaded as expenses. Wave flags them as potentially duplicates, I selected "Yes Upload", but it brings me to the Statement Upload page and not the Transactions page. Will time elapse heal this? Suggestions on how to upload the statements again?

"Potential Duplicate Transactions
We've noticed the dates on this statement overlap with transactions already in this account. We will flag any transactions we think are duplicates and allow you to delete them.

Do you want to continue?"

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  • aluckydancealuckydance Member Posts: 1

    I also got Deposits marked as Withdrawals.

  • CharlotteCharlotte Member Posts: 695 admin

    @woodlandcreek @aluckydance thanks for reaching out! Could you share how your upload was formatted (we don't need to see the data, just an explanation of the column names and formatting).

    To the upload issue, could you please try clearing your cache or attempting again from an incognito window? It sounds like you've followed recommended procedure (bulk deleting the error'd transactions and reuploading the set) so you should be able to proceed without issue.

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