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None of my integrations work, it's really frustrating. I have to do everything manually, is anything likely to be fixed any time soon? because for me at the minute the amount of time spent messing around, I'd be better of paying an accountant.

I have 3 banks, 1 not recognised at all (transferwise). The other 2, the balance updates but no transactions.
I have 2 paypal accounts. I realise I must do the second manually but even the first does not update.
I sell on Amazon so have to do that manually.
Credit card manually.

It's annoying because I really like the software otherwise but I can't imagine doing this month after month, its hard to keep track and would probably be easier with pen and paper.


  • lmslms Member Posts: 1

    I'm just trying to switch over from another accounting software that has recently raised their monthly fees.. I went to download bank transactions through the API connection, and for some reason some accounts were recognized (1 savings, 1 cheqing) but another cheqing wasn't.. have you got any answers from Wave on this yet ? like you said it seems like a good overall platform, but I can't start accounting if I only have partial transaction records - wave , help us!

  • EmmaPEmmaP Member Posts: 639 ✭✭✭

    Hi @Union9! I'm sorry to hear you're having trouble setting up integrations in your account. Transferwise is not yet supported by our data aggregator for transaction importing as you've seen. In terms of your other banks that are connected, if transactions are not importing it may be that there is a known issue with the connection that is being worked on. To get more information I'd encourage you to submit a support ticket!

    If you haven't checkout out Wave Connect already, I do recommend it. You can easily control transaction uploads into your account. Wave Connect!

    Hey @lms! If not all accounts have populated after making a connection it is possible that a particular connection for that type of chequing account has not been created. Our data aggregator is always working to build and improve on connections within connected banks. In the meantime Wave Connect is a great alternative to get transactional data into your account!

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