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OdedGOdedG Member Posts: 8

On the API roadmap page, you have mentioned that in the Q1 will include "Ready for Commercial Use, with Invoice Create"
I wanted to ask if you can share the status of this and possibly an ETA for this feature.
Also, is there a specific thread to follow to get an update when this is available?

Thank you.



  • AfarahaAfaraha Member Posts: 1
    Any update on this?
  • CharlotteCharlotte Member Posts: 695 admin

    Hi @Afaraha ! I believe that the easiest way to go about this now would be using Wave Connect for invoice create . As far as updates, the API releases section and developer.waveapps.com are your best bets. Let me know if you have any questions!

  • OdedGOdedG Member Posts: 8

    @Charlotte at the road map it says:

    2019, Q2 - Ready for Commercial Use, with Invoice Create
    With the additional back-end engineering work to prepare the ground for public invoicing APIs, our planned Q1 scope has been deferred to Q2:

    Registration and Approval process for shareable apps, including issue of OAuth credentials
    APIs that enable creating an Invoice, building line items of existing Products/Services, and using existing Sales Taxes.
    Some of the key use cases that we anticipate could exploit these APIs include:

    Project Time-Tracking application connected to Wave to create invoices where Tracked Time => Invoice Line Item.
    Booking, Practice Management, or Resource Management application connected to Wave to create invoice when a meeting, practitioner, or resource is booked.
    Online B2B ordering, with product order converted to invoice.
    In parallel to developing the these API capabilities, our team will be working in Q2 to define the design and scope of an Integrations Directory / App Store, to offer independent software vendors an opportunity to promote their Wave-connected solutions.

    When search for updates on what has been actually done from these points I can't find any results.
    Where or who can say when will these be done?

  • James_HudsonJames_Hudson Administrator Posts: 128 admin

    Hi @OdedG ,

    At the moment, creating an invoice through Wave's API and a number of other actions are possible via Zapier.

    You can browse the number of apps that connect with Wave, and see some of the actions that are possible on Zapier's website here.

    You can also find an up-to-date list of the APIs that we currently have available here!

  • OdedGOdedG Member Posts: 8

    Hi @James_Hudson , Thank you for your response.
    I aware of what is available right now via 3rd party provider Zappier, but that is not what I meant in my question.
    What I'm asking is when will this be available in your API (not 3rd party), according to the roadmap should have been available by now. Looking at the available actions in the API I don't see the option to push and create invoices using the API.
    So will this be available and if so what's the ETA on that?

    Thank you

  • JamieDJamieD Administrator Posts: 1,145 admin

    Hey @OdedG. We're looking at around mid September for the next iteration for users being able to access our API for invoicing. We still don't have an exact timetable as to when this will be available, but again, it will be coming soon and when it does, we will update everyone in this thread.

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  • OdedGOdedG Member Posts: 8

    @JamieD Thank you for the update, September would be great, can't wait to get the update.

  • MoffitMoffit Member Posts: 1

    @JamieD Creating invoices would be huge for us, as we currently automatically create invoices in FreshBooks (we're moving to Wave) which saves our users a lot of time and eliminates data entry errors. Is mid-September still the target date?

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  • AlexLAlexL Administrator Posts: 1,733 admin

    Hi @Moffit . We're still working on it. Just a heads up, when we do release Invoicing APIs, it will be released in parts. For example, "create an invoice" and "send an invoice" being two different releases.

    P.S, we just released the functionality for users to be able to create their own transactions using our API. Check it out: https://developer.waveapps.com/hc/en-us

  • MarkNMarkN Member Posts: 1

    Hi Guys,

    I can see the documentation for InvoiceCreateInput, but it's not working.
    The API returns "didSucceed": true - viewUrl which is not working, and a valid invoice number which i can't find anywhere.

    Here is the mutation i've used:
    mutation($input: InvoiceCreateInput!) { invoiceCreate(input: $input) { didSucceed invoice { id viewUrl invoiceNumber status } inputErrors { code message path } } }

  • RobVGRobVG Administrator Posts: 38 admin

    Hi @MarkN,

    I was not able to identify you in our system, so I could not debug your specific observations. If you were able to provide the invoice id that was created, or the business id and invoice number, that would be a great help to investigate further.

    I tried to debug this, but did not see what you reported. Here is what I tried...


    mutation ($input: InvoiceCreateInput!) {
      invoiceCreate(input: $input) {
        inputErrors {
        invoice {


      "input": {
        "businessId": "****",
        "customerId": "****"


      "data": {
        "invoiceCreate": {
          "didSucceed": true,
          "inputErrors": null,
          "invoice": {
            "id": "****",
            "invoiceNumber": "12",
            "status": "DRAFT",
            "viewUrl": "https://accounting.waveapps.com/invoices/****/readonly/****/****"

    Viewed in the web application:

    By default, the invoice is created in a DRAFT state, so I am wondering if that is why you were unable to find it.

    Hope that helps!

  • jtuckerjtucker Member Posts: 1

    Hi Rob, thanks for supplying the code samples. This guided me down the right path.

    I can successfully create an invoice with items and prices. However, when I try to create an invoice with a paid status, I get an inputError response message stating "Not a valid status."

    Am I missing something?

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  • phil_swellyphil_swelly Member Posts: 2

    @RobVG hi, another question related to creating invoices.
    In the API docs all the invoice mutations state a **BETA** - how beta are they? are they ready for production use?

  • RobVGRobVG Administrator Posts: 38 admin

    Hi @jtucker, at this time, it is only valid to create an invoice into a DRAFT or SAVED state. There are side effects that are assumed to happen between these states and other states. To ensure these happen, we had separate operations to push an invoice through various states, such as invoiceApprove, invoiceSend, invoiceMarkSent. Further states, like PAID, do not yet have a transition mutation exposed for them and thus not possible only through the API at this time.

    @phil_swelly, the APIs may continue to evolve in slight manners that expand to additional use cases or limitations. These APIs are relatively new, so there are likely to still be some rough edges, hence the BETA. I believe they are stable enough to use to send data to Wave. Using the above answer as an example, we may update the GraphQL schema in the coming days to indicate through the GraphQL type system that only the DRAFT and SAVED states are valid inputs for create. The data shape remains the same, but it could technically be considered a breaking change for the type system.

  • ClarkClark Member Posts: 2

    Hey, @RobVG, any plan for API feature like you can mark an invoice as paid or refunded status in near future?

    edited February 4, 2020
  • RobVGRobVG Administrator Posts: 38 admin

    Hey @Clark, we will not have a solution in place for the short term, sorry. Payment tracking is key part of the invoicing workflow though, so I would expect to see that built out as we expand our API offering later this year.

    Were you looking for the "Record a payment manually" option, or the charge a credit card ability?

  • ClarkClark Member Posts: 2

    Hey @RobVG, we are looking for a solution that can have full control on invoices through API, example would be we want to manually mark an invoice as paid status without an actual transaction going through Wave. I know you can manually do this on dashboard by simply telling it that the payment is coming from somewhere else. Just hope this feature will be available on API soon so we can build a fully integrated invoicing system with Wave API.

  • HarpHarp Member Posts: 1

    @RobVG We are also looking for the exact same functionality that @Clark described above.

  • ngunyimachariangunyimacharia Member Posts: 2

    Any update on the mark as paid? We are also greatly looking forward to it.

  • gourav_evrcaregourav_evrcare Member Posts: 4

    I would also like to add my vote for this feature. In our case we get the payment from user from various online sources and they all provide webhook for post transaction action. Using waveapps I can programatically create and send an invoice to user but the user sees that invoice as "Amount Due: $$" instead of "Total Amount due : 0" i.e. due invoice instead of paid invoice.
    I feel that Programmatically marking invoice as "PAID" is an essential feature of an invoice system.

    edited May 1, 2020
  • BarsinABarsinA Administrator Posts: 1,407 admin

    Hey there @ngunyimacharia @gourav_evrcare

    At this moment no updates for this just yet, but we appreciate you checking in! Thanks.

  • EnochEnoch Member Posts: 1
    So I was looking at the developer schema section (for mutation) and i noticed i couldn't finding an api for Editing/Patching an invoice.

    If such functionality exist can you point it to me, as i can only edit an invoice from my dashboard but can't find how to do same using the api
  • RobVGRobVG Administrator Posts: 38 admin

    Hi @Enoch,

    We do not yet have an update/patch invoice mutation available. I don't have an ETA on when this functionality will be available via the API, sorry.

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