BMO Harris changed API

petespetes Member Posts: 21

Last week BMO rolled out new online banking and a new mobile app. I assume they also rolled out a new API.
No one is able top provide any insight on or an ETA for reestablishing the connection.
I was pointed to the manual procedure of downloading a Quickbooks file from the bank and importing into Wave. That requires watching for overlap as it does not do entry deduplication.



  • petespetes Member Posts: 21

    I tried creating a new connection this morning. It still fails.

    Is there anyone working on this? How can I get an ETA on a fix?

  • petespetes Member Posts: 21

    BMO rolled out the new services on Jan 21. It is Now Feb 4 and I still get:
    There is a technical issue between Wave and your bank. We're on the case. Attempt to update in a few days and if it persists, visit our help center to investigate.

    I repeat my plea.
    Is there anyone working on this? How can I get an ETA on a fix?

  • LauraLuLauraLu Member Posts: 4

    Same issue here. Would love an ETA on when this will be resolved. Please... this is messing up our books.

  • petespetes Member Posts: 21

    I got a reply from Wave Support. Apparently, Wave depends on a 3rd party for bank connections.

    Tentative ETA is 7 Feb.

    As a short-term workaround they recommend uploading your BMO statements by following the steps here: …, and trying to update the connection in about a week.

  • esirovatkaesirovatka Member Posts: 4

    Any updated ETA? I still can't connect my BMO Harris account.

  • petespetes Member Posts: 21

    It still does not work for me either

  • zuzazuza Administrator Posts: 31 admin

    Hello @petes, @esirovatka and @LauraLu . The most recent ETA from our third party data provider is now Feb 15, 2019. I will do my best to get more information around why the ETA keeps getting pushed back in case there are some unforeseeable complexities involved in this update. Please stay tuned.

  • petespetes Member Posts: 21

    @zuza, Thank you for the update

  • LauraLuLauraLu Member Posts: 4

    Am I correct in seeing the connection is still not working? Is there a new ETA? Thank you.

  • petespetes Member Posts: 21

    As of 18 Feb, just checked and it is still not available

  • zuzazuza Administrator Posts: 31 admin

    Hello @petes and @LauraLu, I have received more info from our third party data provider. They have informed me that the hold up is currently on the BMO Harris side.

    Sorry to inform you that the BMO site will not be available to customers till 2nd week of March, as the fix which was expected to be deployed by BMO Harris on 15th encountered a technical challenge and their teams are working on addressing it

    I'm hoping this gets fixed earlier than expected and will continue to update you when I know more.

  • petespetes Member Posts: 21

    @zuzu please continue to keep us updated so that we don't waste time trying to reconnect to BMO.

  • CharlotteCharlotte Member Posts: 695 admin

    Thanks so much for your patience! While our data provider works on this, please feel free to ping me or another member of our Community team ( @JamieD, @Samd, @Ryan_W, @alexlewiszarkos, @Zoe_caff1 ) with any questions. Zuza is one of our Product Managers, working hard on our behalves to facilitate communication between our team and partners around issues of this nature, and she may not be able to return to the conversation immediately. We don't yet have a new ETA, but it seems that the hold up is on BMO Harris' side. We may not receive an update first thing on a scheduled ETA, but we'll share here as soon as we have news. We fully appreciate that this can hold you up. If you'd like to discuss workarounds for transaction entry in the meantime, please let us know.

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  • LauraLuLauraLu Member Posts: 4

    If you have a recommendation on how we can properly complain or express the impact this is having on my business directly to BMO, please let me know. In light of this and some other reasons, I'm inclined to consider switching banks.

  • petespetes Member Posts: 21

    I have sent tweets to @BMOHarrisBank.

  • TVCTVC Member Posts: 1

    Any updates on this problem? Will there be a solution second week of March?

  • LauraLuLauraLu Member Posts: 4

    I received this from BMO today via Twitter: Thank you for providing this information, upon further review we can confirm that this issue is a result of the recent platform update to BMO Harris Digital Banking. Since the update, certain 3rd party sites and or applications have been unable to sync/connect to digital banking profiles due to security parameters put in place to protect accounts as of the new update. This is a known issue, however, unfortunately we do not have a specific ETA on when a fix will be implemented. We do apologize for any inconvenience this has caused.

  • esirovatkaesirovatka Member Posts: 4

    I've been following a thread for a program called "You Need a Budget" because there is a lot more information given back and forth there:
    Apparently they work with several importers and one of them has it working, hopefully other importers won't be too far behind, this is insane that it's taking so long. I know it's not Wave or their importer, this whole BMO Harris upgrade has been a nightmare.

  • generalinqgeneralinq Member Posts: 9


    My BMO Harris account was working perfectly for a long time. It no longer works and I even tried re-creating the account for importing the transactions but it keeps failing. All my other accounts are fine though with no issues.

    I understand you guys use a third-party company to deal with these connections but I would think that by now (several months) it would have been fixed / troubleshooted between you guys and this third party company no?


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  • JamieDJamieD Administrator Posts: 1,145 admin

    @TVC @LauraLu @esirovatka @generalinq Appreciate your patience here. I've just checked in with our data provider and they gave us an update on March 9th that BMO Harris is still failing to import because of a technical issue - pretty vague I know. Once we have a more detailed explanation and reason behind the failure, we will be sure to let all of our clients know when the resolution timeline will be.

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  • KMBDesignKMBDesign Member Posts: 1

    Honestly this is comforting (in a strange way) to realize others are having similar problems to me. I have been unable to connect my BMO account through wave for almost 2 months now. I keep being told a fix is coming but quite frankly I am running out of patience and feel no urgency to resolve this matter. Has anyone heard any more updates since the 6th of March?

  • Ryan_WRyan_W Administrator Posts: 462 admin

    @KMBDesign I just checked in our third-party's portal, and the most up-to-date ETA on a fix is March 22. I'm still reticent to claim that it'll absolutely be fixed by then, purely because I've experienced data issues like this before and the ETAs can shift, and are outside of our control. Either way, fingers crossed that this is the light at the end of the tunnel!

  • esirovatkaesirovatka Member Posts: 4

    Hey, it's working! My account shows up with a name of "NA" but the balance is correct and it's importing transactions!

  • SamdSamd Administrator Posts: 557 admin

    Hey @esirovatka I'm really glad to hear that! Hopefully this means we're out of the woods with this connection. Thank you for letting us know :)

  • petespetes Member Posts: 21

    Well It seems to work, but now I have to go back and deduplicate 2 months of transactions. I wish it would have given me a choice of start date.

    Are there any easy ways to do this other than 1 at a time?

  • AlexLAlexL Administrator Posts: 1,906 admin

    HI @petes . There's no way to delete just the transactions that are duplicated, but you should be able to bulk delete the ones that need to go by ticking off all necessary transactions and deleting them at once.

  • petespetes Member Posts: 21

    I can't believe it is broken again and for so long without being fixed.
    BMO Harris Bank (US) - Last updated 3 weeks ago

    Is there any info available about the problem?

  • petespetes Member Posts: 21

    I was mislead by your error message:

    It was that BMKO now forces passwords to change and you need to update the password in Wave. The status should use the "credentials fail" message per your documentation.

  • abcdeabcde Member Posts: 6

    It has been for over 2 weeks that I've been trying to connect to BMO Harris bank. Tickets to Waveapps is not being replied, this is very frustrating. Is there ANYONE who can connect to BMO Harris??

  • petespetes Member Posts: 21
    I also put in a support request with and have not gotten as much as an acknowledgement.

    This is frustrating since it has not even been a year since the last BMO debacle was rectified
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