CIS 20% tax deduction from total rather than adding 20% to total

zekeb007zekeb007 Member Posts: 3

Please someone explain how I can create an invoice to have the 20% CIS TAX deducted from the Labour TOTAL rather than 20% being added


  • davidwhite136davidwhite136 Member Posts: 2

    hi zekeb007 did you find a solution as I'm having the same issue

  • zekeb007zekeb007 Member Posts: 3
    No apart from you, I was surprised when I got a response from you. Please let me know if you find a resolution,
  • alexlewiszarkosalexlewiszarkos Administrator Posts: 140 admin

    Hi @davidwhite136 @zekeb007 . Can you explain to me the use case or your work flow as to why you would want the tax to be deducted from the total amount being charged?

  • davidwhite136davidwhite136 Member Posts: 2
    Hi alexlewiszarkos I work in the construction industry (cis) and my tax is deducted from source.
    It would be handy to invoice with the tax removed
  • zekeb007zekeb007 Member Posts: 3
    I too need to be able to invoice the NET AMOUNT showing 20% CIS TAX taken out in the Total Amount box.
    Is this option available please ?
  • CharlotteCharlotte Administrator Posts: 686 admin

    Hi @davidwhite136 @zekeb007 thanks for your patience. I've been working through this with my team this morning and on the advice of our Product Manager who is most experienced with the ins-and-outs of tax regulations in the UK, I'm going to recommend talking to an accountant or bookkeeper in your region. (One of our members might be able to help.) There isn't a feature in Wave that is specifically suited to this requirement. Given the tax implications, risk of penalty, and so on, I don't want to advise a workaround that could create problems for you in the long run. I'm sorry for the time it took to get you a response. If we can help with anything else, please don't hesitate to ask.

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