How to properly split up deposit that has a merchandise sale, shipping, merchant fee, sales tax

Foreste1Foreste1 Member Posts: 3

How do I take a deposit from my Shopify website that breaks out as follows and input correctly in wave:

Gross sale was $32.98
in that sale
$2.03 was sales tax
merchandise sale was $25.00
shipping was $5.95

Merchant fee taken from the $32.98 was $1.26

Leaving me with actual deposit into bank $31.72 and what gets pulled over from my bank into wave as full deposit

I cant get the deposit to split and show shipping, merchant fee and the true sale of merchandise as only $25.00 plus sales tax (so it calculates sales tax correctly) I have been manually overwriting sales tax amounts to get them right but need clarity on how to do this all please and make deposits account correctly.


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