Lack of features in mobile app - what enhancements are coming?

Ozark_Modern1Ozark_Modern1 Member Posts: 1
We are converting from QuickBooks which has a much broader mobile support which is so critical to our business as were always on the go. I am very disappointed with the mobile app and the missing features like the ability to send estimates, or even view an estimate, from the app. We also miss the ability to see accounting reports and basic summaries in an app. Lack of these features is currently causing me to question our decision to switch over... I am not sure how we’ll manage the business. Is there a timeline or roadmap for the enhancements I see mentioned over and over again here in the forum? It appears many of the things we need to run our business have been requested by others over the last year or so and yet I don’t see they’ve been deployed which doesn’t give me a lot of confidence that these features are coming.

For other users - how do you do estimates on the go? Invoices from estimates (since the mobile app doesn’t seem to recognize any estimates attached to our customers it’s basically useless to us)...
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