Missing Bank Tranactions

keviraukevirau Member Posts: 3

It seems that the transactions for the last 10 days from my Citibank Credit Card has not updated in Wave, I can't understand why they are missing.

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  • RedStarSurplusRedStarSurplus Member Posts: 1

    Do you get a error "Your bank's website appears to be experiencing technical difficulties. If you can successfully log in to your online banking, please try connecting or updating again in Wave. If the problem persists for 24 hours, please"
    I opened a trouble ticket for the same issue

  • CharlotteCharlotte Administrator Posts: 576 admin

    Hi all! For bank connection issues, a good first step is checking out the Announcement post in the Bank Connection category. You'll find that it links to this post: https://support.waveapps.com/hc/en-us/articles/115003087843-How-do-I-troubleshoot-my-Bank-Connection- which is where you'll want to start for troubleshooting.

    Wave, like many other financial service providers, partners with a third party data provider - Yodlee - to facilitate bank connections. This partnership allows us to import bank data for thousands of financial institutions around the world. As you can imagine, this is a complex process. We are not able to facilitate connection to all types of accounts at all banks, and issues arise when banks update log in procedures and interrupt the connection. Yodlee works to resolve these issues, but in many cases without a specific timeline. You can read more here: https://support.waveapps.com/hc/en-us/articles/115005541303-Understanding-Bank-Connections

    Understanding this, we've also built other ways for you to import your transactions. For example, several filetypes are supported for importing your transactions after you have exported from your bank (often you can do this a week or month at a time). This is recommended if your issues persist, and may ultimately save you time. You can read more here: https://support.waveapps.com/hc/en-us/articles/208621626-Uploading-a-bank-or-credit-card-statement-in-csv-format

  • keviraukevirau Member Posts: 3

    Hi, there is no issue with the connection and the totals match, its just the individual transactions that are not appearing on the transaction list.

  • keviraukevirau Member Posts: 3

    Still no solution to this..... Citibank does not allow me to download the statement into a format that can be uploaded into Waveapps.

    I don't understand why it has stopped importing my transaction, it worked seamlessly before.

  • SophiaSophia Administrator Posts: 97 admin

    Hi @kevirau in the link that Charlotte posted there's a list of possible reasons your connection may be failing. I'll reiterate that the connection is facilitated by a third-party data provider (Yodlee), so regrettably, if your import isn't working Wave doesn't have a substantial level of insight into why that might be. Reasons your connection may be failing include:

    • Your bank's anti 'bot' security defences could be inappropriately blocking Yodlee's connection.
    • Your bank could have changed some feature of its API without telling Yodlee.
    • Your bank could have changed the layout or flow of screens in its online banking portal, so that Yodlee's systems no longer find the data where they expect it.
      Even if nothing has changed about your bank's online banking portal or software, something as simple as an advertisement, announcement, or message that appears when you log in could be preventing access.

    I recommend clearing your cache and cookies and refreshing the connection.

  • twocitiestwocities Member Posts: 7

    EXACT same issue. Started on the same day. I've gone through all the troubleshooting steps including removing and re-adding..and yes I can login just fine.. but Citi balances are correct, there are just no transactions importing and I receive an error message. Since you use this third party you're shifting the blame to, Wave, are you not able to ask them what the issue is? Or alert them as to one???

  • SophiaSophia Administrator Posts: 97 admin

    Hi @twocities thanks for following up. While we can appreciate that this is frustrating, we've done our best to provide you and our other users with as much information as possible. Further, no one is trying to "shift any blame"; rather, we are doing our best to give context to the issue. Yodlee and Wave work together for you, the end user. The issues are most often caused by changes on the bank's end.

    As you'll see in the links we've posted here and elsewhere, we do communicate with Yodlee regarding connection issues Wave users are experiencing; however, we aren't able to provide timelines for fixes as Yodlee triages connection problems based on bank size and number of users. Fixes can often be complex and difficult to implement because there is no incentive for banks to make these types of connections work. New regulations that will free up your access to your financial data are coming to various regions around the world (for example, the the EU Revised Payment Services Directive which comes into force this year), but we're not there yet. Feel free to advocate for yourself to your bank - tell them you want access to your financial data, to use where and when you want to.

    In the meantime, as mentioned upthread, your best bet is to upload transaction statements or enter transactions manually.

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  • twocitiestwocities Member Posts: 7

    I already sent off notes to self-advocate.. but in all honesty, I have been sending messages to support about this for one week and only out of pure frustration starting googling it today to see if others were experiencing it.. your support and live chat were dead silent and unresponsive. I DO pay wave, Im not a freeloader, and most of the time I feel like I get half-baked responses IF I get a response at all (in this case every single email went to lala land).

    What we'd probably like to know is if your third party has acknowledged an issue and if they have some timeline for resolution.. Yodlee is a big company, surely they must know something more.

    My bank has already been phoned and have suggested other providers because "our systems are currently operating normally and no changes have been made impacting the use of third party systems." In other words, it isn't Citi.. it's likely Yodlee. When I used my "test" quickbooks account (been considering migrating everything there for the past 50 days due to lack of support here), it works just fine.. so it is not a Citi issue.

    Thanks for your response.

  • ahungahung Member Posts: 6

    Citibank online support has told me the same - there are no reported errors on their end. And I'm having the same issue with my Citibank connection to Wave - total matches, but no transactions showing up.

    A search on Xero and Reckon One's community forums (both use Yodlee as well) show no reports of bank feed issues with Citbank, FWIW.

    A note to the Wave Tech support team: If multiple users are reporting the same exact issue, sending out a canned response with information that you know will not resolve their issue is probably not a great idea.

    "We will include this data in our internal reporting as well as share it with our data provider for the long-term continuous improvement of our transaction import feature.
    For information on how bank connections work, and what to expect, we recommend reading this article from our Help Centre: https://support.waveapps.com/hc/en-us/articles/115005541303
    Please note that most bank connection issues can be resolved by following the steps outlined here:

    Instead, an acknowledgement that this is an existing issue and that Wave is at working with Yodlee (and possibly as Twocities suggests, that Yodlee is doing something on their end) would be more well received by frustrated users.

    Question: if we choose to manually upload transactions, what happens when the connection issue is fixed and transactions begin importing automatically again? Will duplicates be recognized and ignored? Or will we have to go through an delete duplicates manually, as I have had to do in the past?

  • twocitiestwocities Member Posts: 7

    You too ahung? I once had 1100 transactions imported 8 months later, only to find out that they were never imported the first time. Thinking it MUST be an error, I deleted them and it threw off my entire accounting system. If this system is NOT accurate and reliable, we cannot use it. :( You raise excellent points and Wave, I'd like to know the same thing.. multiple user issues, many of us have changed the provider and the third party, and you're issuing canned replies.. what will we have to do when it is fixed? Assuming it's resolved..

  • CharlotteCharlotte Administrator Posts: 576 admin

    We recommend that if you switch to importing your transactions, you turn off the bank connection (it is an on/off toggle). You can enable it at a later time and select a range from which you'd like transactions to be imported.

  • SophiaSophia Administrator Posts: 97 admin

    Hi @ahung @twocities when it comes to accessing bank data, each individual bank's approach lies somewhere on a spectrum. Very few banks are actively helpful - providing direct API access for third-party data aggregators like Yodlee. At the other end, a larger number of banks are actively hostile, blocking aggregators' IP addresses, etc. Most banks lie somewhere in the middle: not actively helping or actively blocking. When someone at your bank says "there are no issues on our end," it's very unlikely the person you are talking to actually knows whether their bank is actively or passively interrupting Yodlee's connection, by recently making a change in the layout of a page, adding a step to sign-in, running a message, etc. In other words, unless your bank is actively trying to provide an official pathway for third-party aggregators to access data for you, they simply will not know what obstacles they may be creating.

    The fact remains, your bank earns no benefit from enabling third-party access. Our bank connection partner is in the business of connecting bank data - that's how they make money. If they were able to have your connection working today, they would. They will fix it as soon as is practicable, having regard to where they should deploy their technical resources to deliver the greatest benefit for the greatest number of customers.

    Regarding other software's connection issues/lack thereof, Wave works with Yodlee. Other financial software may work with other integrators, or even directly with some banks. At any time, Wave and other software providers that use Yodlee may have issues with some banks that are working fine with customers of another integrator. Other software providers may be having issues with banks that are currently working fine on Wave.

    The bottom line is that if you are having an ongoing bank connection issues, we recommend using our transaction uploader which was designed for this purpose.

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  • twocitiestwocities Member Posts: 7

    Thank you for the reply. Has Yodlee responded with a confirmation that in fact there is an issue and they are working on it? Unfortunately I already have to do so many manual uploads (like Paypal, since that integration has been broken for months and your support was never able to resolve it) that it gets to a point where nothing is automated anymore and you need to look at alternatives.

  • ahungahung Member Posts: 6

    @Charlotte said:
    We recommend that if you switch to importing your transactions, you turn off the bank connection (it is an on/off toggle). You can enable it at a later time and select a range from which you'd like transactions to be imported.

    With a problem like this current one, when is a user supposed to know at what point the toggle should be switched back on? Or is it trial and error each day? Each week? You can surely understand that a small business owner who handles their own books (likely a large part of Wave's user base) does not have the time to set aside each day to toggle the bank connection at the end of a business day or period, then manually upload that period's transactions for that bank in the event the feed is still not working.

  • twocitiestwocities Member Posts: 7

    ahung I had same issue w/paypal and was just told to retry at any time it was convenient for me. :(

  • bostonchrissy83bostonchrissy83 Member Posts: 4

    I agree that this is kinda frustrating but honestly, the girl at my bank didn't even know what yodlee is @Sophia as u said, why would they evne want you to be able to do this. I've just been uploading my bank statments and it works fine

  • kvogkvog Member Posts: 1

    having the same issue with citi transactions not being imported for the past two weeks.

  • SophiaSophia Administrator Posts: 97 admin

    Hi @kvog thanks for letting us know. We are aware of the situation, unfortunately I don't have further updates at this time.

  • ahungahung Member Posts: 6

    Not sure if this will help others, but this is how I fixed mine. I just deleted the connection, and reconnected and imported all transactions as far back as possible. PITA, as many payments of the balance (transfer to) were duplicated so I had to go back and get rid of the new ones. You're given a few choices when reconnecting, and I chose the Citi Bank with URL "online.citi.com" since it more closely matched the actual website I use to login to my card, instead of what it seems to want to default to which says "card" in it.

  • twocitiestwocities Member Posts: 7

    Thanks so much ahung - I tried that when this first began and didn’t have the same luck :( Glad yours is resolved!

  • twocitiestwocities Member Posts: 7

    Worked when I followed you madisonstreet and choose the credit union account - thanks to you both - yes doing waves job for them!! You both rock - hopefully connection will stand

  • ahungahung Member Posts: 6

    Grats twocities!

  • fireflyfirefly Member Posts: 1

    I am having same issue -- see Wave has no answer but appears to be their connection problem.

  • ppickardppickard Member Posts: 2

    Same issue... transactions stopped updating even though account balance is correct. Started sometime after April 6th. This is not a bank problem. Would like to hear from WAVE a resolution. Was working fine.

  • ppickardppickard Member Posts: 2

    This also is not a credit card only problem as my checking account transactions are not being updated...

  • ajashillcajashillc Member Posts: 1

    I bank with BOA and I have the same issue. Sometimes the transactions will import normally, sometimes it misses a couple transactions, other times it just does not import at all. And the frustrating part is that under same BOA account, transactions from my checking account gets imported, but not the Credit card account. From reading the admin's response, they have no control over any of this....

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