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Im trying to start fresh with my accounting for 2019. I've been using another software product and its all jacked up so I want a fresh start.
I started importing all of my CC and bank accounts going back to 1/1 however, I must not have set that import date on my main bank and now it goes back 90 days. I think I read that the latest version of waveapp doesnt allow you to delete the account.
How can I undo it?


  • jwalter007jwalter007 Member Posts: 8

    I wanted to add that I know I can simply delete the transactions, but I'm concerned that it will mess up the initial balance for that account.
    My plan is to have each accounts opening balance be set as uncategorized expense and have my accountant deal with it since everything will be correct to 1/1/19 from my old software.

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    Hey @jwalter007, even if you are unable to delete the bank account outright from Wave for the time being, on the Banking > Bank Connections page, you should still be able to set the aggregation to off to prevent it from double importing if you're concerned about this happening. That being said, once it imports those transactions and you delete the ones you don't want, it won't reattempt to add those historical transactions. The only time this could happen where a bank connection would go back in and fill in the blanks (and actually duplicate historical transactions) would be if you fully disconnected and reconnected the bank. Because of the way our software works, the data synch would interpret this re-connection as a new connection, and thus draw in all available transactions, even if they had already been pulled into Wave previously.

    I hope this helps!

  • jwalter007jwalter007 Member Posts: 8

    thank you

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