How do I troubleshoot my bank connection?



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    Hey @Neilson . What's the error message you're receiving? In the meantime, feel free to use Wave Connect to get your transactions into Wave.

  • DoodlDoodl Member Posts: 3

    @BarsinA said:
    Hey @Doodl

    Would you mind sharing more info on who you bank with? The previous URL and the new URL that your bank changed to? Often times a URL change can cause a disconnect with our third party data aggregator, but as much detail in your post would be great!

    Hi @BarsinA - My bank is Farmers State Bank, Victor, MT. The domain is the same (, it is just a completely new website built by a different company I think. I don't have any other info really. Maybe you could let me know if there is something specific you need to know. Not a real big deal - I'm a low volume guy, so just entering stuff manually is okay. It was just nice when I didn't have to :) Thanks.

  • jeffj99jeffj99 Member Posts: 2

    My credit union BECU Boeing Employees Credit Union will not connect because they require the two factor code to be entered to connect. previously Wave would ask for the code each time I wanted to sync which was fine. It no longer is doing that. I called BECU and they said another way to link would be the two deposit verification method. Could that be supported? Or could a way to add the two factor code be added?

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    Hi, I'm still having issues connecting to Citi Business. Is this a known error? I know I can do use the WAVE CONNECT import thing, but the entire purpose for me of using something like Wave is that it's an automatic update. I'm busy enough trying to manage my books that a 2007 move like having to export and import spreadsheets drives me bonkers.

    Anyway, Citibusiness login process goes in circles and ultimately asks for a "Code" which isn't a Citibank option. I tried inputting my user id, password and the token in this and it just won't login.

    Anyone having any luck?

  • Jim_fromPwlJim_fromPwl Member Posts: 2

    HAd a perfectly good connection with my Credit Union, but then got a "Your account connection isn’t working right now" email. Have tried repeatedly to re-connect and it won't. And, nothing about my accounts has changed.

  • momflackmomflack Member Posts: 1

    I was connected with Huntington for 3 years without problems. Now that the Wave service has changed, I need to reconnect it. However, it is asking for a username & password which does not work because the Huntington business accounts require a business number, UserID & password. So... in the available institutions, there needs to be "Huntingon Business."

  • AmatinoAmatino Member Posts: 5

    My bank is not showing up on any of the options, nor does it reflect when I do a search. I'm trying to connect my bank as I have received a payment.

  • John123654John123654 Member Posts: 1

    When attempting to Reconnect my BofA account to Wave under its new banking service provider I receive the following message after entering user ID and password on the "Enter your credentials" pop-up window: "Account not currently supported. Multifactor authentication is not currently supported for this account. Please log in using a different account."
    I will not be removing MFA from my bank account, which worked up until this change. Is there going to be a fix for this very soon?

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  • shafnitzshafnitz Member Posts: 13

    Add me to the list of people with connection problems after the new system. New transactions don't import for 4+ days, then I'll get an email saying my connection isn't working. I'll fix the connection, I'll get some transactions. Rinse repeat. How do I get someone at Wave to help fix this problem, since Customer Support seems to have disappeared?

  • jenlovesdogsjenlovesdogs Member Posts: 1

    I second shafnitz! My transactions haven't imported for the last 7 days! I can do any of my invoicing, and I cant get anyone at wave to help me! Im with Vancity and its not working. You used to be able to just refresh the connection, now you cant even do that anymore. Please help!

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    Hi everyone, thanks for reaching out here with your feedback on Bank Connections. We know this is a big change and that this is an important part of running your business with Wave.

    As we are unable to troubleshoot each individual issue here, I encourage you to reach out to our Support team so we can look into issues on a case by case basis.

    If you can't locate your bank when searching from the 'Connected Accounts' page then it means the particular account or bank is not currently supported. Plaid (our new data provider) are constantly working to build and improve connections for various banks but we are unable to provide ETA's on new connections. In the meantime we can offer other methods for uploading transactions such as Wave Connect & our CSV uploader.

  • ZigluZiglu Member Posts: 1

    Hello, my bank transactions have not been downloaded since Sep 22, 2020. I'm getting an error message "The connection isn't working". When reconnecting, I'm asked my bank's username and password, but get another error message stating that the username is incorrect. HELP!!

  • ZigluZiglu Member Posts: 1

    Hello, my bank transactions have not been downloaded since Sep 22, 2020. I'm getting an error message "The connection isn't working". When reconnecting, I'm asked my bank's username and password, but get another error message stating that the username is incorrect. HELP!!

  • A_TrainA_Train Member Posts: 3

    I have connected, reconnected, reconnected, reconnected, reconnected. The accounts have never shown up. This is with a small national bank.
    For other LLCs within Wave, the connection stops working very frequently. It would be great if the Plaid connection was more robust.

  • bizznizz_man1bizznizz_man1 Member Posts: 1

    Secondary MFA requires an answer, it sure would be nice if there was a question to answer instead of a blank where the question should be. This is a simple programming error and could be addressed in less than one hour. I understand you can't address specific requests here but this is a simple oversight for QTRADE MFA made by a Plaid data programmer. QTRADE MFA DOES NOT SHOW THE QUESTION THAT REQUIRES AN ANSWER. PLEASE FIX ASAP.

  • rationalanimalrationalanimal Member Posts: 2

    Wave indicates my Metro Credit Union account last updated 2 days ago but it has not. I had transactions through November 6th and then I didn't have any more bank activity until November 16th. I write this on the 22nd, 6 days after that activity and even with the 'update' from 2 days ago none of the charges after the 6th are showing. I could enter them manually, but wouldn't I end up with double ledger numbers if/when Wave finally communicates with my credit union? The whole point is to have it be automatic. There are no notifications- it just isn't working. My Bank of America accounts seem to connect and update just fine, but the Metro account is critical.

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    Hey there @Ziglu, @A_Train, @bizznizz_man1, and @rationalanimal !

    I'm sorry to hear that you are all having issues with your bank connections. If you haven't already, please feel free to send us an e-mail at your earliest convenience so one of out support agents can investigate each of your specific bank connections and escalate your cases if necessary.

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  • rwagner75rwagner75 Member Posts: 4

    Not working. No bank account updates in 20 days

  • SaijSaij Member Posts: 1

    Hi. My accounts are not syncing either. I reconnected but nothing since June. Can someone help?

  • JulianPJulianP Administrator Posts: 506 admin

    Hey @rwagner75 !

    I see that you sent us a ticket request. I have since reached out to our team about your inquiry so one of our support agents can follow-up as soon as possible.

    Hello @Saij !

    I'm sorry that your transactions aren't importing successfully. Do you mind submitting a ticket request so one of our support agents can investigate your particular bank connection?

  • JameelaAdams_3JameelaAdams_3 Member Posts: 1

    Hi, I've been trying to reconnect to my Kinecta Credit Union for the last 2 days and I nothing has changed. I went through the steps in the email that I was sent, but it's not working.

  • AlexLAlexL Administrator Posts: 2,417 admin

    Hey @JameelaAdams_3 , I see you submitted a ticket to our Support team so I've flagged it for them to take a look. Someone should be getting back to you by end of day. Thanks for your patience!

  • KathKath Member Posts: 3

    It seems like now that Wave/H&R Block has it's own bank, they no longer want to connect to other banks.

  • chefbeccachefbecca Member Posts: 3

    I can't connect/import from US Bank (since early November). Help? Anyone else?

  • lifeathomelifeathome Member Posts: 1

    I could need some help capital one bank connection, username and password not working; evening after changing them.

  • psouth100psouth100 Member Posts: 1

    When going to "Banking > Connected Accounts" none are listed. When trying to archive that business I get "disconnect the connected bank accounts first" Chicken and Egg problem

  • Romik_VadhvanaRomik_Vadhvana Member Posts: 1

    even after doing this - accounts get's disconnect always and because of this the experience is not smooth

  • susanssusans Member Posts: 1

    Transactions from RBC have not uploaded since December 1,2020. I have submitted two tickets for help with this matter and not received any response. This is the third time this has happened with Wave and RBC . It's really messing up my accounting and my mind.Is anyone else having this problem. Wave 'Support 'is non-existent lately.

  • RichpalRichpal Member Posts: 6

    Frustrating...none of my accounts are importing any more. Credit cards, bank accounts...nothing. Any clues?

  • JennieJennie Member Posts: 1

    My bank (US Bank) stopped importing transactions in October for about three weeks. But it's happening again. Nothing has imported since Dec 7. Based on the comments here, the problem isn't specific to my bank. Wave has worked so well for the three years I've been using it, but if I can't count on it to stay on top of my finances, I need to look elsewhere.

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