Cannot import CVS

paulkrugerpaulkruger Member Posts: 3

CVS Import is not working.

I downloaded the provided sample and populated it with my data as specified however I always get same error that it cannot find any new customers to import. When uploaded all the info (first 5) is correct but when I click to accept and import it says nothing to import.

Says failed to import 26 so it counted the lines and is correct then says there is nothing there to import?

There is no error report of any kind so please also consider this a BUG REPORT

Done this multiple times...getting tired of wasting time.

Can I email my CVS file to support so they can insert my customers for me?

Also why does the sample file lack column for state? Kind of important don't you think? I added it because addresses are useless without the state being provided.


  • JamieDJamieD Administrator Posts: 1,145 admin

    @paulkruger I think it would be best if you sent us a support ticket email for this specific case, and attach the CSV file so that one of our agents can attempt to upload it on our end/decode the actual CSV itself to find out what columns are missing and how they need to be formatted. Please send us a ticket here;

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