USD currency to pay by card

InywebInyweb Member Posts: 1

i invoiced a client with USD currency and i am trying to give the option that he should pay by card but im getting the following messages!

Credit card payments are turned off because the currency of this invoice (USD) does not match your business currency (GBP).
Credit card payments can be enabled only for invoices created in GBP.

i spoke to stripe and they told me it should not be a problem to take USD
what do i need to do to activate the USD currency ?


  • JamieDJamieD Administrator Posts: 875 admin

    @Inyweb. In order for you to accept payments online via invoicing in Wave, you will need to make sure that you match up the currency with what is listed for your business on the invoice, otherwise you will not be able to accept online payments. With that said, your client can still pay with a USD credit card, but the amount will be billed in GBP. You could simply change the amount of GBP to match up with what you would want to be charging them in USD.

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