How to download as cvs or excel files?

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I need to download information for the CPA and I can't find a way to download in a format they can use? I'd also like to download all my email contacts into a file I can import into mailchimp for mass marketing to clients? Thanks for the help!


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    You should be able to download balance sheets, income statements and specific account transactions into a csv file. Look up at the top right after generating the report. Or alternatively, you could have them get their own Wave account and grant access. Even better, I'm CPA and can handle your taxes. :-)

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  • elizabeth51elizabeth51 Member Posts: 3

    Yep - no problems there. It's my list of customers. I want to export to mailchimp. If you can beet their $40 and hour and send me a repetitional report or website of some kind - let's talk;)

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    @elizabeth51 Please take a look at the response I made in your thread that was created here;

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