Canada - Québec Payroll when ?

FredoFredo Member Posts: 2

Not currently available in Quebec :( Dear Wave Team, do you know of any product management plan to get this feature available au Québec ? SVP :-)


  • fredcarlefredcarle Member Posts: 1

    Yes please! I've been waiting for this for years...

  • SophiaSophia Administrator Posts: 147 admin

    Hi @Fredo @fredcarle thanks for the love, we really appreciate it and I've passed your feedback on to the payroll team. In the interests of transparency, this isn't currently on our roadmap, but hearing from customers like yourselves certainly helps the team when they're planning for future state :)

  • FredoFredo Member Posts: 2

    @Sophia Thank you for your feedback. And you know I also appreciate the fact that your ARE agile :-) Full On, hope this Item will make is way up in the backlog :-) «As an entrepreneur in Québec, growing its business, I would like to use Wave Payroll feature/function so I will have all my accounting centralize in one apps and that will make my accountant and myself happy» = A user Story ahahaha Cheers

  • NagerPLVNagerPLV Member Posts: 1

    Yes, please help us! Would switch in a moment!

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