Canada - Québec Payroll when ?

FredoFredo Member Posts: 4

Not currently available in Quebec :( Dear Wave Team, do you know of any product management plan to get this feature available au Québec ? SVP :-)


  • fredcarlefredcarle Member Posts: 1

    Yes please! I've been waiting for this for years...

  • SophiaSophia Member Posts: 147 admin

    Hi @Fredo @fredcarle thanks for the love, we really appreciate it and I've passed your feedback on to the payroll team. In the interests of transparency, this isn't currently on our roadmap, but hearing from customers like yourselves certainly helps the team when they're planning for future state :)

  • FredoFredo Member Posts: 4

    @Sophia Thank you for your feedback. And you know I also appreciate the fact that your ARE agile :-) Full On, hope this Item will make is way up in the backlog :-) «As an entrepreneur in Québec, growing its business, I would like to use Wave Payroll feature/function so I will have all my accounting centralize in one apps and that will make my accountant and myself happy» = A user Story ahahaha Cheers

  • NagerPLVNagerPLV Member Posts: 1

    Yes, please help us! Would switch in a moment!

  • paul_arienzalepaul_arienzale Member Posts: 1

    Yes it will be so useful to have the feature avaliable for Quebec ! There is no other good payroll alternative for this province !

  • AlexLAlexL Administrator Posts: 2,869 admin

    Hi @paul_arienzale . Thanks for your feedback here. I'm afraid this is not currently in the works for the near future but we do value your opinion and love to hear from our users.

  • skenny66skenny66 Member Posts: 1

    Payroll for Quebec - This is absolutely necessary please!

  • grabaultgrabault Member Posts: 2

    I would be curious to hear from people doing business in Quebec which payroll application they are using.

    In the meantime, @AlexL what about a "workaround" for those who use Wagepoint... Can an integration like what wagepoint is doing with QuickBooks could be an option?

    More details here...

  • George_PapaGeorge_Papa Member Posts: 2

    I have been a Wave customer for almost 8 years. My Ontario based business resides near the border of Ontario and Quebec, I cannot add employees to my payroll that live in the province of Quebec since QC is not an option in the software. Since it appears that Wave has no plans to add this option to the payroll software, I will need to take my business elsewhere to support the growth of my employee options. Too bad, the software is simple to use but missing this key element to keep me as a customer.

  • francisgfrancisg Member Posts: 1

    As a developer, I cannot understand why Quebec payroll is so hard to implement. Literally it is a few extra fields and accounts. Payroll works the same here as in the rest of the country, just the reporting is slighting different. I will give this feature until the end of 2020, after that I will have to switch to the competitor.

  • BarsinBarsin Administrator Posts: 2,041 admin

    Hey there @francisg

    We appreciate you bringing this up in our community forum, and to be completely honest, we admins or the rest of Wave support don't have a full understanding of the difference in payroll taxes in Quebec. But if you wouldn't mind sharing a bit as to how it varies from the rest of Canada that would be super helpful.

  • DaManDaMan Member Posts: 20

    Any updates to this? Started to look at Payroll and now see not available in Quebec.
    Has anyone found a good workaround? I am not keen on adding QuickBooks. If I use QuickBooks its because I am no longer on Wave but prefer not to go that route.

    Thanks. Wave team - I love you but this needs to be added please. :)

  • BarsinBarsin Administrator Posts: 2,041 admin

    Hey there @DaMan

    I sincerely apologize, however we do not have any updates on Wave payroll coming to Quebec at this time.

  • DaManDaMan Member Posts: 20

    Any news on this please? Hello @Barsin

    I just did my first Quebec payroll and I can confirm that it's 100% not rocket science. ;)
    There are just a few different line items vs. federal; fairly straight forward.

  • BarsinBarsin Administrator Posts: 2,041 admin

    Hey @DaMan

    Unfortunately no updates on offering Quebec payroll at this time :disappointed:

    My apologies for the inconvenience.

  • YarYar Member Posts: 2

    This is essential for me too...I need to submit timesheets to clients based out of Ontario..and because my business is setup in QC, it's blocking me out of the feature. Can this not be enabled (at users own peril?)

  • CEO_at_explorDOTaiCEO_at_explorDOTai Member Posts: 1

    Hey guys! Quebec is 20% of the GDP of Canada. This thread is 2 years old and you are not going for that market share... Seems to me you are planning on dropping Payroll development altogether? Am I right?

    From a 2012 Newswire article ( :

    Wave Payroll is now available for all Canadian-based businesses except Quebec, which is coming soon.

    edited March 2, 2021
  • AlexLAlexL Administrator Posts: 2,869 admin

    Hey @CEO_at_explorDOTai , looks like that was an article from 2012 so the information is somewhat outdated. As mentioned above, we don't have any plans to offer Quebec Payroll in the near future I'm afraid.

    edited March 8, 2021
  • FredoFredo Member Posts: 4

    What a lousy respond anti-agile and anti new ways of satisfying customers! WTF 2012...

    What is thise robotic non sens answer ??? I open that thread 2 years ago...

    Deloitte bought you, head office in Montreal WC and you aren't able to fix offer it to 22% of the market in Canada ? And still no effort for French ? Will we have Mandarin first ? No wonder entrepreneur like me are fleeing Canada for Costa Rica and Pananama and your Apps for DeFi Decentralized App

    Beside: Scotia bank is working to offer a FREE App including Payroll in 4 languages in collaboration with QuickNote... my accountant told me... Like Steve Denning said in Forbes:L. Only the Agile will survive in the new economy and world of VUCA CX / UX... and Wave is making it's wave down the drain!

    Good luck!

    @Barsin said:
    Hey there @DaMan

    I sincerely apologize, however we do not have any updates on Wave payroll coming to Quebec at this time.

  • DaManDaMan Member Posts: 20

    Yeah updates guys?
    I did my QC payroll "on the side" and it's 100% not rocket science and the few extra calculations that are Quebec only are very straight forward. Come on Wave! :)

  • RaphGRaphG Member Posts: 2

    Have to agree to all this....We need QC integration...please !

  • BecksBecks Member Posts: 2

    Need this asap. thank you.

  • SolutionsAksiomSolutionsAksiom Member Posts: 1

    Can this be added before the end of the year? It would be greatly appreciated.

  • jeromeOjeromeO Member Posts: 1

    +1 to this request.
    As an entrepreneur in Québec, growing its business, I would like to use Wave Payroll feature/function so I will have all my accounting centralize in one apps and that will make my accountant and myself happ

  • Project251Project251 Member Posts: 2

    Been waiting for Quebec Payroll service for a very long time. You've done a great job on the rest of the app. What's up with no payroll?

  • FredoFredo Member Posts: 4

    In January 2019 I open this Question to suggest them as a user from Québec to put this in their Backlog and they keep answering us very loosy and bad respons. All my client's and teams are doing better and smarter than them. I suspect Wave is NOT agile for a cents and 2 proofs:
    1) They don't really care about us, the 23% of Canada market (Still no FR interface 0-which I din't care, but I know colleague that does care...)
    2) PAYROLL still not availble,.. 2 years... not even in a PB..

    I might also open another tread topic on their very very bad move on the decom receipt App: That was, back in 2016 why I choose Wave over any other Apps and that my colleague convince me to jump in.

    Now No Payroll, No Reciept iOS App and and.. lack of customer care and and my CPA getting frustrated at Wave for the devolution of the ledger and reporting....

    All this WAVE will make me accept my Scotia Bank for Business Advisor to choose another way of keeping my book and more!

    So bad... So long... Soon... as my financial year end in August... Bye bye

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