New Transactions screen missing headings

sabiresufalisabiresufali Member Posts: 3

Recently I started a new account to manage an organizations accounting.
However I see several screens without the crucial functionality.
For example.
In transactions screen I cannot sort by description/date/amount.
I cannot click to transactions and do a transfer etc.
Why is this ?
How can I get the same for the new account.



  • JamieDJamieD Administrator Posts: 1,145 admin

    @sabiresufali When you are on the transactions page itself, you should see the search icon in the top right hand section of the page (see screenshot) this will allow you to view by description.

    Also, after clicking on the "Filter" button right beside it, you will be able to select the date range for what transactions you would like to view -- keep in mind, the transactions are already sorted by newest to oldest in terms of the date.

    What happens when you click on the transaction? You should be able to edit the category of this once you click on the transaction itself.

  • sabiresufalisabiresufali Member Posts: 3

    Hi Jamie, @JamieD
    Thanks for the reply.
    The search is great if you know the description your looking for.
    But the functionality of having the bank statement connected/upload means that we get all our descriptions as per the bank statement. with the functionality that existed it works really well as we can sort, click on a 100 transactions even and categorize them in one go.
    I could click on the transfer transactions and click on transfer.
    Now its one by one each transaction which has made the entire process quite tedious and time consuming.
    see screen shot. this is what I am looking for for the new company that I setup.

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  • JLREIFJLREIF Member Posts: 1

    the new bank register is awful because you cannot sort by anything except date. When will this be corrected? The bank always places the transaction in the wrong account and having to go through each transaction to place it in the correct account is a major issue.

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