Client Tax/VAT details on estimate or invoice

jakes05jakes05 Member Posts: 1

I am based in South Africa and it is law to include both the supplier (myself) and the customers tax/VAT number on the invoice. I cant find any customisation on the Customer area to include this information?


  • AndyBoyAndyBoy Member Posts: 3
    Would be great for WAVE to include a separate field for the VAT number under customer details
  • DiscoSegretaDiscoSegreta Member Posts: 2

    Same here, we are forced by law not only to show our VAT num ber, but also that of customers/vendors...and there is not even a field for that in your Vendor CRM example file!

  • SamdSamd Administrator Posts: 560 admin

    Hey @DiscoSegreta @AndyBoy and @jakes05

    Great suggestion, especially since it is required for compliance reasons in a number of regions. Right now it would be possible (as a workaround) to include the requisite account numbers in the notes section of your customer's profile (via Sales > Customers), which you could copy/paste into the notes section of the invoice. We are looking to expand on our invoice function, so feedback regarding how they could be improved is extra appreciated at the moment.

    @DiscoSegreta I just wanted to confirm as well, in terms of vendors, it'd be ideal to have this as an option to be included in bills as well?

  • DiscoSegretaDiscoSegreta Member Posts: 2

    Yeah, workarounds are good, but not when you have to migrate your data, or import your data back to another platform, and important fields such as VAT number cannot be just put in the "workaround" field and then go recover such important data in the field that I have previously used as a workaround, am sure you understand

  • AndyBoyAndyBoy Member Posts: 3
    @Samd Adding a “VAT Number” field to the client details and also having it print on invoice is certainly required. I usually append the number to the client name as a workaround for now.
    I don’t think having the same field for Vendor Bills is priority but it may also be required.
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