Managing Payments / Receipts

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I'm curious how others are managing receipts for payments? I get monthly payments for a service retainer and a majority of them are the same amount. On the first of each month a recurring invoice goes out to multiple clients for the same amount. Clients pay at different times and it takes various times to process and reach my account. I don't want to send receipts until I have actually received the money. Problem is when the money is deposited to my account I have no idea what client to send the receipt as Wave does not tell you where the money is coming from or I've at least found no way to keep track. You get a message saying you've been paid but you haven't actually been paid, they just ran their card and days later you get paid. I hope this makes sense to someone and there is an easy way to keep organized.



  • Ryan_WRyan_W Administrator Posts: 460 admin

    Hey @incloud! If these payments are made through our payment processing platform, this should all be automatic. You can check on your bank statement as well; payments through us will have a WAVSV9Txxxx descriptor on your statement, if that helps! You can also check the Banking > Payouts page to see if a payment is still processing, or Sales > Payments to confirm that the funds have landed in your account, issuing your receipts accordingly.

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