Paying Vendors With Credit Card

Barry8SchneiderBarry8Schneider Member Posts: 2

Paying vendors for goods and services with a credit card is common. How does Wave Handle this use case? I want to be able track my vendor purchases - see how much I have purchased from OfficeDepot. So the expense needs to be associated with the vendor but the payment associated with the credit card. Does Wave provide a guide for this use case?


  • Laura_KavanaghLaura_Kavanagh Administrator Posts: 15 admin

    Hi @Barry8Schneider, you can definitely do this in Wave. How this can be done is by creating a bill in your account, and then you can record a manual payment on the bill by the associated credit card.

    You'll then be able to track and reporting on these purchases and payments through the Purchases by Vendor report.

    Hope this helps!

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