How to reconcile refunds from suppliers

John_53John_53 Member Posts: 1

My refunds from suppliers from my bank statment shows up as a minus but in green whereas my receipt scan also a minus amount Is in red and they wont merge into one transaction.HELP!


  • SamdSamd Administrator Posts: 560 admin

    Hey @John_53 , in regards to the receipts scans showing up in red, this is because right now receipts (for the moment) can only be expenses, and the system isn't able to handle 'income' or refund receipts. For this reason the receipts being imported are showing as negative expenditures, which while technically correct, won't read the same way to the system. As long as the refunds from suppliers from your bank statement show as green and categorized as refunds, you should be okay to delete the receipt created transactions. Going forward, we're hoping to offer ways to attach items to transactions or invoices, so eventually you will be able to create just the refund receipt with the image, and merge into the bank import.

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