Changing this word from Estimate to Quote

steelboxcosteelboxco Member Posts: 2

I have changed it every where I can find it and everything looks great except in the email it still says Estimate. Can anyone please tell me if there is a place to edit this. Thanks for your help!


  • EmmanuelEmmanuel Member Posts: 6

    If this is an existing email, it cannot be edited directly. However, you can modify it on the estimate and send the estimate again.
    You can also edit it for all future estimates in "Estimate settings" under "Invoice customization" in the settings (at the bottom of the menu).

  • EnergyoneEnergyone Member Posts: 1
    Hi... sorry but I have the same problem. Just to confirm if I want to send my quotes via wave there is no way to delete the word “estimate” from the body of the automatically generated email? Thanks
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