Bank connecting/importing issues!!

nimilaninimilani Member Posts: 2

I've tried messaging support and I keep getting automated messages back -- no fun at all.

I have 2 businesses under 1 corp. Meaning both businesses use the same bank account/credit cards. I'd like to track each business separately to be able to see the health of each business, so I delete transactions that have nothing to do with 1 business and keep the ones that are relative -- and I'm ok with this. The issue is when I want to create a new profile ("a new business") and link the same bank account, one of them stops importing. PLEASE FIX THIS!

I'm wondering now, should I just create a new LOGIN to be able to do this? I'm worried it'll still have the same issues...

Overall the importing is very glitchy as even with the one I have to disconnect and connect once in a while to get it importing again.

Otherwise, I love the UI and simplicity, but this is a big issue and I've already been looking for other free software similar to you guys.



  • ryanwilsonperkinryanwilsonperkin Administrator Posts: 17 admin

    Hi @nimilani, thanks for mentioning this, our team is aware of the issue and is currently working on a solution to it in a major upgrade to the way that our bank connection system works. In the meantime, creating a separate login that's connected to the same bank account should accomplish what you're looking for.

    Please let me know if you continue to experience any trouble with this.

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