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SHM16SHM16 Member Posts: 1

Hi community, i would to know how can i get statements or statistics about the sales. So i can see faster how many products (of the same or different) i have sold, or sort by client.



  • AndrewFromWaveAndrewFromWave Administrator Posts: 10 admin

    Hi @SHM16 thanks for starting the discussion! You can access a wealth of data and information by visiting the "Reports" section in Wave. In the "Focus on Customers" section you can choose to review your income by customer right in Wave, or you can export that information as a CSV or PDF file.
    Statistics and trends throughout Wave are organized in a number of different ways including by invoice and by customer. However, there isn't currently a way to see trends in the individual products and services you sell, but that's an interesting idea and something we'll keep an eye on as a possibility for the future :smile:

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