Automatic Receipt on Payment

SachaSacha Member Posts: 2

Hi, fairly new to this type of transaction. Wondering how I can send a receipt of payment to a client once they've paid. I can't find an option to create a receipt anywhere. Shouldn't there be an auto one sent right away?


  • SamdSamd Administrator Posts: 479 admin

    Hey @Sacha, your customer should receive a receipt right away if they are paying directly through Wave. If you're using Wave to mark invoices as paid however, to send a receipt over you'll want to head to Sales > Invoices. On this page, filter for all invoices, and find the one in question. Selecting it will bring up a page with a few options, but you should have the option to send a receipt. A window will open with some additional details and a preview, and once confirmed should be good to go.

  • SachaSacha Member Posts: 2

    Thanks @Samd for your reply, I found it! :)

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