Greetings from Prescott, AZ

JayLodeJayLode Member Posts: 2

I provide solutions beyond the numbers for businesses and their owners and I love collaborating with others on projects and discussions. I'm a teacher at heart and love working with clients so they have better understanding of their business. My practice is mostly cloud based working with accounting and payroll support solutions, business and individual tax planning, preparation, tax estimates, accounting system conversions, and business price consulting. I'm good at cleaning up messes and consequently do a fair amount of annual cleanup work. I prefer working with businesses and their owners on an ongoing basis. This way I can stay current with business operations and offer the best advice in a timely manner.



  • GraceMGraceM Member Posts: 8 admin

    Hi @JayLode ! Welcome to the Wave community! Your approach and experience sounds like it could be very helpful here. We also believe very much in helping customers better understand their business so they can better manage it. Looking forward to any contributions and discussions from Prescott AZ :smile:

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