CSV import no longer working?

mostlydevmostlydev Member Posts: 5

I'm having an issue uploading transactions for a single account. I uploaded several accounts worth of PayPal CSV exports after I wrote a tool to convert them into Wave-compatible columns:

It makes very vanilla files, with everything sanitized.

Using this tool I split up my PayPal export into several currencies, and all worked, except just the one (USD) that refuses to show any transactions.

All seemed to go well in the web ui, but then nothing shows. When I attempted to re-upload, it warned me about duplicates, but still nothing, even after two days. I then deleted the account, made a new one, and re-attempted the upload (after having removed some accented letters in the Description column), and still there's nothing in the account.

What's going on? Can someone please have a look to see if your back-end is throwing up errors? I'm sure it's something simple to change in the CSV that's causing the importer to choke; right?

Also, I've already submitted a support request days ago with no response.


  • ryanwilsonperkinryanwilsonperkin Administrator Posts: 18 admin

    Hey @mostlydev, I noticed in this other thread that you'd been posting and might have resolved this issue by splitting the CSV up. Are you still having any difficulties with this?

    I also wanted to say thank you for creating and sharing that script with others, that's incredibly helpful of you.

  • mostlydevmostlydev Member Posts: 5

    Yes, it did resolve the issue for me. I still think there are some UI peculiarities that make the process tricky -- especially in Safari on Mac, but those can be managed with persistence and patience.

    By the way, I've increased my split threshold to 250 with no mal-effects on my personal accounts, so maybe I'll amend the script, and also add the ability to convert CSVs that were exported from Mint. There's also, IMO, a pretty strong case for making a little web interface to:

    1. Upload images of common bank statements.
    2. Allow some quick keystone adjustment and cropping.
    3. Run them through ImageMagick for some contrast adjustment, and then do some simple OCR.
    4. Apply pattern matching profiles based on some kind of bank/account type dropdown.
    5. Output CSVs, and allow a way to either seed the CSV upload page, or at least let the user flag statements as having been uploaded, to keep track.

    I'm going to make this for myself regardless -- I have something like 240 statements to upload -- but if you would run this up the chain please then I could use some help with that "seed to the CSV upload page" part. If there's a way to use URL parameters to pre-load the CSV and perhaps even the particular account, that would be super helpful. It really seems like a tool that others could use, and also create a bit of a ramp for adoption of your software.


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