Moving Receipts between businesses

sabrinasabrina Member Posts: 1

I have two businesses under one sign-in.
if i link receipts to one of my businesses and later choose to move it to the other , can i do that ?


  • ailsaailsa Administrator Posts: 16 admin

    Hey @sabrina!

    My name is Ailsa and I'm a Product Designer here at Wave.

    We don't currently have a way to move receipts (or transactions) from one business to another. At this point, the best way to handle this would be to recreate the receipts in your second business.

    In the meantime, I'll loop in the appropriate Product Manager to let them know your interest in this. I don't believe it's on the roadmap for 2019 currently, but the more we get requests from users like yourself, the more chance we'll prioritize something and potentially move it onto our dockets.

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