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    Hi @JeanetteJohnson! Thanks for reaching out here. At the moment we do not have any plans for implementing forwarding for email receipts. I know that receipts can be long so I hope we have a feature that will allow for these to be captured in one go in the future!

    He @lisapineau! Thanks for your feedback on this and for the additional suggestions you have provided. This insight is helpful for our team to have when building out new features!

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    +1 for email forwarding for email body receipts. 99% are text and not attachments. I specifically moved to wave for this feature as it was worded to sound like it was that easy: Hit forward, send to wave.

    I’m sure there’s a very good reason you’ve changed a working convenient feature and continue to ignore your users, but what was it? I’m sure people would be more understanding if you actually said WHY.
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    @EmmaP Are you kidding me? Just look at the complaints on this thread. People are using wave to try and make their lives simpler, not more difficult. How can your company see all of this feedback and not realize that not being able to forward email receipts in ALL forms is not only a major functionality problem but a deal breaker for many. This function should be prioritized immediately! I am disappointed as I believed wave to be an innovative and forward thinking company. You will be overtaken by your competitors if you dont re-examine your development strategies and adopt a customer focused ideology.

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    If the receipt had to be downloaded to my computer. It is far easier to just upload it into my wave account at that point rather then upload it into a second email???

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    I'm sorry but this is a serious regression. One has to wonder what type regression testing process Wave is using. Additionally, I can't get any type of email receipt to work. Extracting to a some PDF document is absurdly short sided and time consuming.

    Look I get it that the fix created an otherwise unintended consequence of an otherwise good design, but it might be time to consider rethinking that "Fix" to allow the forwarding of receipts. Personally, I've lost 9 months of receipt entry which I thought was there. (yes I should have been doing monthly closing but I didn't).

    It's hard to believe that after 9 months the Wave engineers couldn't find an adequate fix to the problem. Even more disheartening is the ability to do any type of email receipts is broken. I'm not really sure what you are expecting us to do but it isn't working for me and obviously a majority of other users.

    Wake up and get a fix. (And this is coming from some with 30+ years in Software and 10 years in Developer Community Building)

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    @JordanD said:
    Thanks to all leaving their thoughts about the need for email forwarding functionality for receipt uploads. We hear you that the ease of use that this sort of a feature would add is extremely valued by you all. While I don't have any updates in terms of added functionality, we continue to track the amount of comments about this feature idea to ensure that our Product Team knows that this discussion continues. Thanks again! :)

    And yet 9 months into it, and 3 moths since your post there is still no resolution to the regression. You say one thing but your actions say another.

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    Hey @Binky!

    Really appreciate your continued feedback, thoughts, and feelings here. While I totally understand why you're frustrated, I do want to reiterate that we are always reading comments like yours to get a better understanding of what our users needs and wants are. The truth of the matter in this case, is that a large majority of our resources are currently focused on some other larger and more substantial projects, and as a result, this particular feature request isn't currently on the horizon.

    That doesn't mean that this is something that will never happen, only that it isn't currently the primary focus, and as a result, I don't have an updated ETA or status for you.

    Having said that, you should be able to email your receipts according to our guide here. Can you confirm whether the receipt emails you've been attempting adhere to these guidelines and if so, could you clarify a bit more about how this function isn't working for you currently?

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    Seriously, the current email receipt process is akin to standing on your head and spitting wooden nickles. I could do it (under certain limited situations) but why in the world would I? Have you guys actually tried it? Have you tried it on a phone?

    I just tried it on my phone. There is no default way to create a PDF. I could create an image, but it would only capture what is currently displayed on the phone. So right off the bat, the current email process doesn't work on the phone.

    On the desktop the current process is as follows:

    1. Open the message in the email client (1 Click)
    2. Save the image to a PDF (5 Clicks along with unique labeling for the file)
    3. Create a new message (9 clicks plus having to enter in a unique Subject title)
    4. Process the Receipts Detail (At least one extra step as I may have to fix the date)

    Previously the process was:

    1. Open the message in the email client (1 Click)
    2. Forward the message (3 Clicks and no Subject typing)

    There isn't a usability engineer in the world that would approve the current email process.

    On the regression side of the house, I'm surprised that you don't have any regression testing. Of course, if your test only involves the standing on head and spitting wooden nickles method above I would understand. But it is a hole, that isn't what people do.

    Finally, your comment I do want to reiterate that we are always reading comments like yours to get a better understanding of what our users(sic) needs and wants are. is falling on deaf ears. The same statement has been used a number of times on this very thread but It's been 9 months since the "fix"/regression occurred on or around June 24. "We're listening" comments are fine if you actually are but without any action they are meaningless.

    Just one more thought. Having worked on software development for over 30 years and the first 5 doing accounting software, I find it hard to believe that while the main development team is focused on something else that there isn't a bug buster engineer whos sole job is to fix elevated problems like this one.

    Just so you guys have an idea how painful this is. I've just spent the last 2 days recovering 218 messages that I had previously sent to be processed using the forward method which worked up until June 24, 2019. And I'm still not done. So quite honestly, the "fix" is a major flaw and a reason I would not choose Wave Apps if I wasn't already highly invested.

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    This is really surprising that you can't forward emails directly, but you support OCR and the like. Couldn't you just add something on the backend to convert emails to PDF and then use your existing system? It would be a huge quality of life improvement.

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    Just get the attachment part working. This is very critical and is causing me to look at other avenues

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    I love this process of emailing all my receipts and it is uploaded.
    And for those having problems with forwarding your emails, I just removed the subject and email body and send the email. As easy as that, no need to save on your computer first.

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    @Rita_Hattingh Wow that you so much for that advice! I'm hoping others can benefit from this :smiley:

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    @Rita_Hattingh Do you leave the subject line blank?
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